Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hairstyles for someone who works at a makeup counter?

I work at a makeup counter and was told that I have to keep my hair out of my face, for obvious reasons. My hair is just below shoulder length and my bangs are about an inch shorter than the rest of my hair. What are some cute hairstyles I could try? Also, does anyone know how to do the hairstyle pictured here?:鈥?/a>

Not so much the big curly thing on top but how would I get my bangs to stay clipped on the top of my head like that?Hairstyles for someone who works at a makeup counter?
You have to tease your hair and use bobby pin to make that style. The best way for you is to make a french twist use hair clip or barrete this will make you look more classy and sophisticated. I have long hair and this is the way I do my hair every time I work with client. I'm in the beauty industry and my client always compliment %26amp; ask me how can they do their hair to be like mine. The trick is very simple play with you hair in front of the mirror twist your hair use hair clip to hold your hair (for sure do have one). You can see it for yourself if the style will look good on you, your bangs you can swift it on the other side and use hair spray and clip it after.Hairstyles for someone who works at a makeup counter?
your hair seems to be so perfect!!!

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