Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Beauty - Makeup - Mac Counter - Pans?

do mac counters sell empty pans to put pressed pigments and shadows in your palettes? I need some... also, if they do, how much are they? ThanksBeauty - Makeup - Mac Counter - Pans?
You can buy them at


If you don't already have some, this is the serum you need to press the powder:鈥?/a>

As for something to put them all in:鈥?/a>

They also have these in 4 %26amp; 8 if you search for them in the search box as __ pcs empty pallette

Hope I helped!

MBeauty - Makeup - Mac Counter - Pans?鈥?/a>

This website sells pans that fit mac pallets. 15 for $4.75
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