Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I wanna work at a makeup counter- NEED ADVICE...will pick best answer :)?

I really wanna apply to work at a makeup counter or perfume counter at a mall. But i have a couple questions first...

1. What age do you have to be to work at a makeup counter?

2. Do you have to have past working experience to have any chance a tall at getting a job at a counter?

3. Would it be very hard for me to work at dillards or any other dept. store with makeup and perfume counters, having no past work experience and being 18, even if i am very professional and hard working?

Anyone that has worked at a makeup/perfume counter PLEASE give me any info about it! thank you :)I wanna work at a makeup counter- NEED ADVICE...will pick best answer :)?
I used to work at clinique and i quit after 3 months, Its a nice job if you work with ppl around your age, but since it is commission based ppl do tend to money hungry and you have to be on your feet alot also you have got to have knowledge about EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT for the line you work for.

1.) Cosmetic department and counter managers usually prefer 18 and up but they can make an exception.

2.)You DO NOT have to have past experience they will send you to school for that.You will gain more knowledge about the products from your line and learn makeup tips.

3.)You should not have any problem, If you have a strong attitude youll be fine, ppl will always try to steal your customers if the makeup counter is commision based and your gonna have to make sure you keep up with you stock and and product knowledge, if you get the job at a makeup counter dont give them a chance to complain about you!

If you plan on working with strictly makeup apply at shiseido,mac, and benefit. Every line has skin care but since clinique specializes in it, its pretty difficult esp when old ladies with wrinkles come by lol btw if you do get the job make sure your counter washes there brushes, my department never did and we had to do makeup everyday with the same worn out brushes.....Neways i hope that helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)I wanna work at a makeup counter- NEED ADVICE...will pick best answer :)?
1. I would imagine 16, but 18 sounds like a good age.

2. Totally depends on the store/counter/area but if you show them you are a good people person and are good with makeup, they will train you.

3. I dont *think* so as long as you have good references (babysitting, teachers, etc) and show them you are willing to work very hard and sell, sell, sell.

Talk to the individual counter managers and tell them how much you want to work there and how hard working you are, even before dropping off your resume. Build a relationship with them, so they will take your resume and know that you are serious. Talk to them how you study makeup and what your passions are. All counters will train you they way they want you to apply makeup and how to sell ...

Good luck!!!!

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