Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mall Makeup Counter?

Are they free??

I have never been big in the makeup department. If I go up to the makeup counters in the mall, what can I expect??

I get so embarrassed just thinking about going up to a makeup counter and asking them for help and a makeover.

Are they nice??

Which Counters are the best??Mall Makeup Counter?
Any Cosmetician is nice... Well the most of them.

They will help you with pleasure at anything you need help with.

When you see a product that you like simply ask:

';May you please show me how i can apply this?'; and they will show you on your face or eye!

One thing is; most counters work on commision so they tend to be pushy. Go to MAC counters... They are the best artists and they do not work on commission. They help you because they love what they do.

(And their products are the best and cheapest out of any prestige counter)

Good luck with your experience! You will love it!Mall Makeup Counter?
Most places you have to call ahead and schedule a time. They are always friendly and if you just need help finding a product, they are always willing to help. But if you want a full makeover, you definitely have to call ahead. I would recommend Nordstroms, or MAC. I like MAC, but it cost $50, but in the end that $50 goes towards products. So Say you find $60 worth in products you like, you would only have to pay $10 because the $50 you paid in the beginning goes towards products. I would recommend scheduling a full makeover because they are always really helpful telling you what looks best and help you color matching. Good luck!
oh i know what you mean!! i was at MAC today n she was being so nice but i get self conscious i dont know why, i feel like im not good enough for some reason even though my makeup is gorgeous! haha not to sound cocky but i take a really long time making sure its perfect lol i think is cuz i mostly use like cheap products n when i go to them i dont want them to think im cheap cuz i only get like 1 or 2 eye shadows...but ANYWAY! they really are a great help. its what they're there for and im sure they are glad when you ask for help, they get really excited too sometimes lol.
I'm a junior cosmetologist (meaning I'm working for my license)..I'll have it in 4 months yay!!!

Anyway, I personally love doing makeup %26amp; skin care, it's one of my most favorite things.. But we're here to help people, that's our purpose, to make people look good without all these artificial means.. If you have a questions about something, don't hesitate to ask, because we'll tell you what will work best etc.

I really like Sephora, and MAC, and at most cosmetic counters, they consist of younger make-up artists, beauticians, skin care specialists and cosmetologists, that are brand new to the industry, trying to gain experience and make a name for themselves so there's really nothing to be intimidated by.. I'm 18 and I'm already Selling Avon and Mark... Mark has awesome COSMETICS, and when i get out of cosmetology school i plan to apply to MAC or sephora... but really we're here to help, so don;t hesitate to ask for it. and yes most of the time they're free, on the display, like at Sephora or Kohls, you can just go in and try things out, and if you like, you can buy.

if you want to contact me about beauty tips etc... just contact my 360 or reply back to this.
When I worked there, with the exception of Clinique, it was usually--makeovers free w/ a 25 dollar purchase. Clinique is free and it's a good line with reasonable prices so I'd start there.

P.s. It's always better to make an appt.
some are free some u need to buy 2-3products. nothings free in the world. their main goal is to sell not to do free makeovers.

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