Thursday, June 24, 2010

How long does MAC makeup 'last' when you get it done at the Macy*s counter?

I have a wedding that starts at 3 p.m. but am getting my makeup at the Macy*s counter done at 12 p.m [After that I'm getting my hair done, then going straight to the wedding]. The wedding will probably last until 3 a.m. Basically, I need my makeup to last 15 hours! Will my makeup stay put for that long? I'm choosing MAC because I think it'll stay on the longest, will it?!

Also, how long does it take? I'm doing the whole 'flawless skin, smokey eye/doe eye with false lashes, nude lips' look. How long will that take?How long does MAC makeup 'last' when you get it done at the Macy*s counter?
MAC is good makeup ....I am not a fan of their foundations ...but love their eye products. I am not sure any makeup will stand up for 15 hours without at least some touch up ....powder, lips ..etc., I would suggest you tell them at the counter how long you need this to last and maybe they can offer some samples of things or apply a little bit heaveir product .....but I would take some things in a bag for touch ups for that length of time ..... I have heard that MAC has heavy foundations and causes alot of people breakouts but it is suppose to be great stage makeup and great for photographs ..If I were you talk to the ladies at the MAC counter ...they will know what you will need touched up ....

Hope this was helpful ~~~

Good Luck ~~~How long does MAC makeup 'last' when you get it done at the Macy*s counter?
Thank you for your input. I didn't end up going to MAC...Lancome instead. But I did specify that I needed my makeup to last a while [turns out I totally miscalculated the hours I'd be needing it to stay on]...and they put a special foundation on me. I looked fab. the entire night! Report Abuse

i love mac, but its all i use. darker colors stay on longer OR you can ask them to use a primer which will help it stay SUPER long.. also buy some things to touch up with. thats what i do... you will have to touch up all makeup no matter what the brand. at least powder and lipstick, maybe a touch of eye shadow
ah to be honest , it just depends on whos doing your makeup.......some of em put layers of makeup on and others put a slim amount on, im guessing if you want it to last fifteen hours, youre gonna want someone who aint skimpy with the makeup...................maybe keep a powder er somethin in your bag for touchups
Make sure they put on foundation primer and eyeshadow primer before applying the real makeup. The primers help to keep your makeup last longer.
Nars is better than Mac. I'm not saying Mac sucks, I love Mac. But, Nars is better!!
Its not smart to get your makeup done before your hair.

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