Wednesday, June 23, 2010

First Time at a Makeup counter?

so today my friend and i are going to the mall and im planning on getting a few things from MAC. I have never bought anything from a makeup counter before and i have absolutely no idea how to do it! do i just ask them for what i want or do i just grab it myself and pay for it? im so confused :(

also we wanted to get makeovers. not like the appointment kind but just something simple for fun. :) i have heard you just have to spend $50 or more to get one for free. is that true? also im buying about $65 worth of stuff and she may buy a few things is that enough for a makeover.

sorry if this is kind of long but thanks in advance!First Time at a Makeup counter?
Get the make over first so you can see if you like the products they use. If you can't get one today out a lady in her 20s that knows something about make up and is not overly done ..ask her for advice and have her show you samples on your arm or cheek to see if it's the right color. It all depends on your skin color...some make up will make you look orange. Never buy if you are NOT happy with the look.

Good luck...... Bare Minerals is a good choice to start with. It's NOT harsh looking and it will cover flaws and it doesn't have oil in it.

Try not to look like a clown and over done. Also let her know you only have a certain amount you can spend ..don't let them talk you into anything you don't strong lolFirst Time at a Makeup counter?
Well here in Canada, you just ask the make-up artist to help you with your make-up and they'll do it for you.

My friend got it done and she didn't even buy anything.

Maybe it's different because mac's a canadian company S:
yeah, you do have to buy $50 worth of stuff to get one free, and then they try to sell you morethings, and it's kinda hard to say no.

also, you ask them for what you want and they go get it for you. :)
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if you see something you like ask one of the girls to show you. if it is gloss they get you an applicator to try it on same with all of the stuff. then you say ';i will take that but can i look at this too...or this is not for me can we try a different color'; it is fun. you usually do need an appt to do the makeovers. I really dont recommend them. They put TONS of makeup on you because they try and upsell you on stuff. usually I end up looking ridiculous after and have to go to the bathroom in the mall and wipe my face off. it is funn though to do once i just dont recommend it if you have to go somewhere after. call them on the phone ahead of time about the makeover appt and how much you have to spend. have fun

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