Thursday, June 24, 2010

Whats the BEST kind of makeup u can buy (over the counter)?

I love MAC and Benefit. In my opinion, they can't be beat. You can get MAC at MAC stores and Macys (Bloomindales), and you can get Benefit at Macy's and Sephora.Whats the BEST kind of makeup u can buy (over the counter)?
I LOVE Max Factor! It is wonderful in liquid makeup, powder, blush, eye liner and mascarra!Whats the BEST kind of makeup u can buy (over the counter)?
bare minerals by bare can get it at Ulta
maybeline or watever
i would say cover girl has good foundations and rimmel has good eye shadows and maybelline has good mascara
By ';over the counter'; I assume you mean drugstore brands?

I think L'Oreal is very good- it is made by the same company as Lancome. The mascaras in particular are excellent! Since you should replace your mascara every 3 months for hygienic reasons, it's good to go with a drugstore brand anyway. I would go with L'Oreal for best overall line, in my opinion.

I have used Neutrogena blush, and like it very much. Sonia Kashuk (only available at Target) is also known to be quite good.

My favorite department store makeup is Bobbi Brown, but that is because that line has a shade of foundation that matches my skin perfectly. It was trial and error before I found that. I have also used Bare Escentuals, and it is okay, but I am not sure if I like it better than Bobbi Brown.
covergirl works pretty good
MAC, not a big make-up fan, but when i do where it this is all i get.
I have 5 years experience in cosmetics, the best foundation to closely match your own skin tone and look fabulous is Lancome, their blushes and eye shadows are the ultimate in color, Estee Lauder is a close second, their foundations seem to work best with dry skin, Clairins is good also. If you are looking at some brands in a drugstore Max Factor is good, remember do not get a foundation with more color than your own skin, after several hours the makeup mixes with the oils in your skin and darkens somewhat. Just remember that what ever you buy always apply with a damp sponge , this gives you a more natural finish. Just to let you know, any Loreal products are what did not make first cut for Lancome, they are both the same company as with Elizabeth Arden what does not make the first cut is marketed as Ponds, by the way the best Mascara to buy is Max Factor 2000 calore mascars.
i love bare minerals. loreal is good too. the true match foundation.
I love bare minerals and bare essentials. I used to never wear makeup because they made my face real shiny, but I have been using bare minerals for a year now, and I love it! It covers up all my blemishes, and stays on all day! The makeup can be pricey though, but a starter kit runs about $75 and it comes with foundation, concealer, blush, and brushes.
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