Thursday, June 24, 2010

Which makeup counters are the best for these things?

I've done a bunch of research and asked a couple questions regarding this issue. I just don't want to walk out of Macy's looking like a fool and wasting my time. I've been getting mixed answers when it comes to which brand doing the best makeup. Many say MAC, while others scare me and heavily disagree saying I'll come out looking caked on with makeup.

The look I'm going for is a Jennifer Lopez 'glowey' skin that is flawless [I have some acne scaring here and there from my teen years] July I'll be nice and tan..

Then for my eyes I'd really like a smokey eye that's brown and dramatic; I was also thinking eyelashes or something to give me a doe eyed but hot look. Then some nice eyebrow definition.

And lastly, a flesh toned lip.

If I have to, I'll go around to different counters for different things [one for the eye makeup, another for the lip, etc.]...which makeup counter[s] will be able to deliver these requests?Which makeup counters are the best for these things?
okay so yes first off you might have to go to different counters to get what you want.

for cover up i would either go to clinic or bare minerals.

for shadow the best is mac and they have the widest range of colors. for a smokey summery eye i like the colors satin taupe and shroom. but for eyelashes dont buy them from a counter you can buy good ones for cheap since youll only be able to wear them 1 to 2 times.

for lip i would also suggest mac becuase they have the most flesh tones lip colors in there collections. i think for summer you should stick to lip gloss and balm. so the best are flesh pot, and in the new neo sci fi collection they have one called naked space which is very nuetral and nude.

so theres my opinion on everything!\ chica!

ahhaWhich makeup counters are the best for these things?
nordstroms it is very good and expensive try mervyns it is cheaper.
A one stop shop : Ulta!!!!

Tell someone who works there what you're looking for an they can tell you which brand will be best for each. Love that store!

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