Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Makeup counters at department stores?

I want to get my makeup done at a makeup counter so i basically know the tips and tricks. I just want a very simple neutral look. How much would it cost me to get my makeup done? And which brand do you recommend? I have light oily skin with uneven skintone.

:] thanks!Makeup counters at department stores?
I think if you go to nordstrum, they give you like a ';make over';, but they try to push the make up products in while they put the make-up on you.

I have alse heard that they do your make up if you buy a product of theirs' . Or you can try and ask for an estimate.Makeup counters at department stores?
It doesn't cost anything to get your makeup done, but the goal is that you'll buy their make up after you're done. If they can tell that you're not interested in buying any make up, they'll simply do a very half-*** job of what you want.

For oily and uneven skin, I'd recommend Bare Escentuals! I've been using it for a good amount of time and love it. They have counters in Nordstrom and products in Sephora as well as independent boutiques. When you go there they'll give you a ';make-under'; and match your skin tone and then show you how to apply the products as well as showing you little hints and tricks. For the neutral look you're going for, all you need is the start kit which is $60. It's a lot but it comes with brushes and everything and it'll last you a very long time.

Hope that helps!
every brand has products for different skin type. just ask around, because not all the sales people will do your makeup for free, they want you to buy 2-3products.
most counters have where you have to buy a set amount of their product ... go for MAC - 14.50 an eyeshadow ...

get like 2 and just say nothing else 'jumped out at you'

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