Thursday, June 24, 2010

Do MAC makeup counters do make-up by appointments?

If so, how much do they cost?Do MAC makeup counters do make-up by appointments?
I got my makeup done by MAC for an event very recently. And yes, I made an appointment for it in advance. At my local MAC counter, you have to make a five item purchace in order for them to do your make-up. The products you buy is the only thing you pay for, and actual makeover comes free with it.

Got to your MAC counter and find out whether you have to buy something or just pay for the makeover. I'm sure it's different in different places.Do MAC makeup counters do make-up by appointments?
Just walk in, plan to buy $40 worth of product and let them do a makeover.
I'm not sure, but get an appointment with a gay guy. They're the best at makeup.
Yes they do, and in Canada it costs 45 dollars. So, in the U.S, i'm guessing about 35-40. You also usually get a free full sized product(I got free mascara)
Yeah they do. Not sure how much they cost.

You could either just ask for them to do a make-over and test products on you and then maybe buy a few of the products they used. Alternativly i think you can book in for a professional make-over.

Check thier website, they might have some info x
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