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Getting makeup done at MAC counter at Macy's for a wedding?

I am in a wedding this summer. I was wondering if I go to the MAC counter in Macys'...will they do my makeup there to give me ideas how to do it for the wedding day, write it down so if i want to purchase it all to wear the day of the wedding.... I've never got my makeup done by anybody so i dont know if they do that or not.

and also, if i dont buy anything today but go back later to buy it, do i have to tip??Getting makeup done at MAC counter at Macy's for a wedding?
well they do it for u and they just ask you like ok this one or this one and then u just buy wat they used on you

or you can just go in and ask for advice and they will tell youGetting makeup done at MAC counter at Macy's for a wedding?
My sister visited the MAC counter for a makeup trial. The makeup artist put a lot of makeup on her, but my sister was able to buy the products and apply them more practically herself on the wedding day.
MAC counter they have barbie makeup!!!
I recommend calling a Mary Kay consultant. They are generally nice people and will come right to your house and do a makeover for you. They will show you how to apply the makeup, and what to buy. They even have a specialized bridal palette that I saw at the bridal show. They aren't too pricy either and will give you discounts sometimes if you register on their website. I was friends with one and she did my prom makeup for free the day of prom, I didn't even have to buy any (although I did). They have a virtual makeover thing on their site too that is cool.
My sister had her makeup done at a Mac counter for prom, she had to make an appointment and buy $50 worth of product they did a good job its worth it.
You can make an appointment but you have to spend $40 on makeup when you get your makeup done. They will also write down what you need and yes they would be more than happy if you tipped them, but dont expect it
your expected to buy something when they do your make up and i wouldnt suggest them doing it the day oh . the last time i got my makeup done i came out looking like a clown
I don't know if you went there yet to ask them, I did at my local MAC store. I am getting my make up done for my wedding day. You pay them depending on how much experience they have. If you go there, you can't make an appointment until after 11am. I don't know what time your wedding is going to be, and if that will work for you. They don't take more then 2 appointments at a time, so if your bridesmaids wanted to get their make up done too, its not guaranteed. I kept asking all of these questions, and finally the guy said that they aren't supposed to tell you, but all of the workers do have their own little make up businesses, where they will come to you for your wedding day, but your going to pay the price. He told me $150 to do my make up alone as the bride. He said he does a very good job, and it would take an hour or so. Bridesmaids were about $100. Ask when you go there and see what they say about coming to you!
ive never gotten my makeup done there, but i buy the makeup. i buy everything there but just not the foundation and powder. i use este lauder.

i think, i was told, you have to buy 40.00 $ worth of make-up when they are done with you. as far as tips i dont know, but im sure its welcomed.

and you do have to make an appointment.

but they do a nice job.
when you get your makeup down at mac, it costs 50$ or 50$ worth of products

so yes, you have to pay when you get it done
NOOOOOO! Ok MAC has wonderful products really, but not for a wedding day. Chanel doesn't cost much more and they are perfect. Wonderful staying power, the shadows are like velvant and don't get in the creases. Foundation makes you skin look like a makeup ad. Also their artists the most trained. I've gotten my makeup done at probably 5 different channel counters, cause it's sorta one of the perks of buying something that expensive. Diorshow Iconic mascera makes you look almost like your wearing false eyelashes so I'd get them to put that on you instead of any of chanels mascera (although theirs is also good). Generally the implyed cost of a makeover is purchasing 2 items. They won't make you but it's sorta expected. You can get 2 things for under $50 easy. There lip stuff starts at $20 and nail polish is $15 (Btw Ballerina, a light pink polish, could be perfect for your wedding all it'll stay on longer than any other brand). Have them do a practice run through and be super honest about what you like and don't like, then it'll be perfect on your wedding day.

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