Thursday, June 24, 2010

Makeup done at MAC counter??

so i'm planning on going to the mac counter and buying at least a 100 dollars worth of products and i heard that you get a free makeover with the purchase of 40 dollars worth of products or something like that.

i was just wondering what happens when you get your makeup done there(sorry if that sounds stupid, i've never had my makeup done at a counter before lol).

should i wear no makeup that day?

or do they give you a cleanser to take your makeup off or what?

do they use the products that you buy or do they demonstrate them on you first to try and sell them to you?

thank you so much for any answers!:)Makeup done at MAC counter??
At the mac near me, that deal isnt all the time..only during special seasons (prom,wedding) usually you have to pay 50 dollars and they give you a free mascara. to get ur makeup done but, thats just at my local mac. and when you get your full face done, you make an appointment and they will tell you to come with a clean face..they will do everything else..Moisturize, concealer, foundation, blush, eyeshadow whatever you'd like. If you dont make an appointment and you just want to buy stuff they will probably only show you how to apply it like a sample..they wont do your whole face. hope that helpedMakeup done at MAC counter??
There shouldn't be a minimum purchase for good service! Just call ahead and say your looking for a ';new look.'; They should set up a time slot and have you come in! It's best if you don't wear make up, but if you do they will be able to remove it. Also, they have samples of just about every item available so no, you don't have to buy to try... just buy what you like!

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