Thursday, June 24, 2010

Why do women on cosmetics counters wear so much makeup?

Surely makeup should be subtle and natural, but most of the time these women wear a mask of over-the-top makeup. It doesn't inspire me to buy anything!Why do women on cosmetics counters wear so much makeup?
not everyone can be a natural beauty... I never wear natural looking makeup always dramatic... it's who I am... besides why bother with make up if you want to be natural?... I think the answer is, make up is used to enhance who you are and how you want to be seen

if you shop at MAC or Sephora pay attention to the clerks... they have something for everyone and people tend to gravitate to people with similar senses of style... I personally do not ask for beauty advice from anyone who draws on their eyebrows (unless it's a guy in drag) or who wears natural make up... they don't share my aestheticWhy do women on cosmetics counters wear so much makeup?
Just showing customers the possibilities one can do with make up.
Hi Shona - I suppose it takes quite a lot of make up to cover a patronising person with a big ego. I never buy make up from those counters, I'd rather help myself from the shelf. Glad I'm not the only one who has such nasty thoughts. Hahaha.
they have to look like a good advert for their business if someone who was pale, spotty, and looked like they hadnt slept for a week was behind the counter psychologically customers would start to think that the make up was crap so the person wasnt wearing it and therefore not buy it themselves!

because they have no self cofidance and are stupid enough to believe it disguises them =P
Well thats because... there have to show off the products there selling..
yeah and why do they always grab ur wives and girl friends and say sorry madam but i could help but notice....if i was a woman i would have punch one for says i had open poors...what ever that means...they all look like expolision in a pint factory...wash it off and start again....';less is more';
I agree with that too.
loads of make up is scary, i recently had an 8 month relationship with someone who used a lot of makeup and was stunningly attractive. I fell in love with that person. Then I saw her for the first time with no makeup and it was a horror story. She looked so different, from a 10 to a 1. In the end it disturbed me so much I had to end the relationship. From now on I will only date women that are attractive without make up
They have to cover up their flaws and 'advertise' their make-up on their faces as's free to use the makeup for them,might as well use more,right? :p
Im same has you do not like alot of make up.They look like dolls.Have no idea why they slap so much on.
i have always wondered this too. they look a bit like tangerines gone wrong lol. think its cos they are in the makeup all day and so try out bits all the time
They get free samples. I agree with you about the mask effect. Don't like it all. They are often old biddies trying to look young
of course

2 be more beautiful than the women who will buy a makeup from her ..right?!!!!
because we like to look plastic !
will you buy cosmetics from a women who don't wear makeup?
The actual reason is that each company tells its make-up girls that they have to wear a certain amount of their products a day. For example a friend who used to work for Clinique was told she had to wear a minimum of 10 Clinique products to work each day. This could inlude Clinique skin care and perfume but had to also be mainly made up of make up products.

So, to be told that you have to wear at least 10 products, you can probably understand why some of these make up girls end up looking like Coco the Clown
Because most of them are ugly mooses and need to cover up.
Its probably because of the lights, it makes them think they need more as the light 'bleaches the colour out of your face' so rumour has it, so they apply lots - a bit like stage makeup. They could just be advertising their products but I guess you dont really need to see all of them at once!
to fend off bitchy customers..eheh..or maybe they hate their employers for a low pay and to get even with them they wear so much make-up that buyers would fear on using the products on them
Don't ever go to one for a make over. You've been tangoed!!
they want to show off the product they are trying to sell however some end up putting on the WHOLE range!

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