Thursday, June 24, 2010

Puerto Rico and makeup counters?

I am moving to Puerto Rico (the aguada/aguadilla area) and am an aspiring makeup artist. I would like to get a job at a makeup counter (you know, like in a mall). Do they have those nearby this area? Will they hire me (i'm 14)? 10 pts to best anwer. Thanks!Puerto Rico and makeup counters?
There is a mall in Aguadilla. I am not sure what dept stores it has, but u can check.

Aguadilla Shopping Mall (75 stores)

787-882-0014, 787-891-1570

Rt 2 Km 126.5.

There are other malls in PR too that have JC Penny's %26amp; Sears, etc. that have makeup counter. I am mot sure if they will hire you yet but in a few yrs I am sure it won't be a problem. Also if u can't get a job at a dept store makeup counter yet, then try working at a makeup counter in a walgreens or something.. it is not the same b/c u dont get to apply makeup but atleast u will learn the products %26amp; it will look good on ur resume or even work at a beauty supply store. GOODLK!!Puerto Rico and makeup counters?
Welcome to PR, I wish you the best. You should study first, finish high school. There is a lot of ';Colegios'; that offers kind of what you are interested in. You will have to wait until you are 16 to get a job. That is only 2 years ahead, get ready, study as much as you can, obtain the best grades, and have confidence in yourself. You would be what you want to be, but remember, prepare yourself with studies, so you became the best on whatever you want. Don't hurry yourself to work, this is your time to prepare yourself for the future.
first you need to have 18 years old to work here in puerto rico. some places are 16. but every Jc Penny, Sears and Macys here in puerto rico have these conunter.
I don't know about Aguada or Aguadilla but Arecibo has a Big mall with Sears and JC Penney and they have greta Make up counters.

Do a search about Sears and JC Penney and look for the nearest one ,,,,

Good Luck..
Well this is sort of a difficult thing to answer hon because I don't like dissapointing anyone. I'm not aware of any department stores in that area, however that does not mean there are none, I just could not find any. There may very well be some. There must be beauty salons and spas you could look into as well.

Here's the problem tho. It would be very difficult for you to find a job in PR, period. You have your age going against you, 14 might just be too young, legaly. Also, PR is going through some very difficult economic times right now and jobs are scarce. People with college degrees having to take jobs at fast food places. If you were to find a job opening, you'll be competing against people who likely have at the very least finished high school, possibly have a college education, can drive, have years of work experience and have no legal restrictions to be employed based on their age.

On the bright side, there is something you can do to further your dream. You can go to any of these places or beauty salons or spas and ask if they are willing to consider giving you an internship you can attend after school. You can gain precious experience and learn from people who are experts while at the same time you continue your education and by the time you finish high school you can decide if you love it enough to continue your education even further in the field to pursue your dream. Say you did that and graduated, you would already have job experience and an education to back you up and become a success.

I wish you the best.

u are only 14.

good luck though.
Not all malls/stores in PR has needs for a makeup artist, someone able to sale (talk well, good at math/money handling, good attitude) will do for most stores that carry make up merchandise.

Maybe big department stores like JC Penny, Sears, or Macy's would be interested in a makeup artist. Form Aguadilla maybe you will have to travel to the Mayaguez Mall. Maybe you will find more opportunities at a beauty saloon doing manicure and hair care.

If under 16 you will need your parents permission to get a job.
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