Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Macy's makeup counter?

I just had my first interview to work at a makeup counter at Macy's(I'm not sure which one). Has anyone ever worked at a makeup counter at Macy's? Did you make good money? How were the hours?Macy's makeup counter?
I also work for Macy's in the cosmetics dept. Brutal hours, low pay, rude managers and won't transfer you to a counter where you can make more commission. I'm at a small counter and can bearly make ends meet and they will not tranfer me to a more productive counter, but sometimes it can really be fun.

I have a wonderful Dept. Mgr. and I like my co-workers(most of them)

Igot a review recently and got a whole .25 for a raise. That's a yearly raise. .25 an hour more for a whole year.

WOWEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Macy's makeup counter?
These are great questions to ask of the person who is interviewing you. You can make plenty of money at the counters especially if you are knowledgeable about the products, friendly %26amp; helpful. Kindness %26amp; sincerity go a long way in the cosmetics industry. Good luck!!!
I was COUNTER MANAGER for Laura Mercier. I will do it again some day , I';m sure.. its the BEST.

You make your money in commission. Sell frangrance!! you clean up on commission. Cosmetics is a hard dept. The women can be really bad......rude.......its hard. I have done it for a while.

Macys is a wonderful place to work. Honestly.....they are a wonderful place. You can tell them what hrs you are available. Just be strong, its your co workers who can be BRUTAL.
What are the three best things about working at Macy's?

1. The People.

2. The daily challenges...keeps it interesting.

3. The travel.

That what some else thought now let's see what pam thought.

Macy鈥檚 and the Union draws up a new contract every 5 years. The negotiation for a new contract will happen May 2004, and several Union representatives have been roaming the store to gather information for those with less seniority. One rep was strolling by my counter yesterday so I asked if she needed help finding something. She introduced herself to me, and once she asked about my concerns, I started going off about how so many employees, myself included, were unhappy with the Macy鈥檚 Union Square structure. I shared a few of my complaints and referred other employees that could contribute to her report. She called me later that night to schedule a dinner that happened today. I got my chance to vent almost nonstop about how unfairly Macy鈥檚 treats its workers from my personal experiences to other people鈥檚 stories鈥trict attendance point system, no sick days, no comp days, no AC, no vacation approvals, no priority over outsiders in intra-department transfers/hires, last minute schedule changes, no benefits for part-timers, no benefits for 6 months for full-timers, lousy $0.45 raise every June, and I can go on for an hour and a half cuz working for Macy鈥檚 sucks! I always love sharing my perspective, especially when I get something free in exchange for my time. I didn鈥檛 finish my dinner from all the talking, but I have lunch for tomorrow!
you will probably just make minimum wage

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