Thursday, June 24, 2010

Getting makeup done at the clinique counter?

So i need a new foundation and i was thinking of getting one from clinique but im not sure if i'd like the one i was thinking of [the new superfit makeup] so i wanted to go to Macy's and have them try it on me before i buy it. So i was wondering if i need to make an appointment before i go? Or can i just get there and ask to put some one me? And also should i remove my makeup before i go? Or would they take it off or what. And while im there should i have them do eye makeup too since im there? Any advice or tips would be helpful :]

thank youGetting makeup done at the clinique counter?
Just walk in and say you are looking for foundation.

They will automatically test it on you! and they will take any makeup off so you can wear foundation. Yes you can wear eye make up. It isn't technically a make over. They are only going to test in a small portion of your face.Getting makeup done at the clinique counter?
You don't need an appointment. Tell them you need a new foundation and they will help you find one.

I just did that two days ago and end up buying more!!

I just walked into Macys and the MA was glad to help me. I have the Superfit as well in Golden Beige and I love it.It is EXACTLY my skin tone. I use to use MAC and I will never use MAC foundations again!! I ended up also buying a concealer, and the sheer matte pressed powder!! Clinique makeup is very light and does not feel heavy at all!! Its better if you go without makeup but if you need to where some, they will give you something to take it off with. They will be more than welcome to do your eye makeup, believe me!!

I suggest asking for a sample first so you can test it out on your own and if you like come back and get it. But I loved it so I just bought it. There high impact mascara is really good too1

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