Thursday, June 24, 2010

Makeup counters at department stores?

Is it free?

Is it unsanitary since everyone uses the same makeup or is it clean somehow?

Whats your experince with it?Makeup counters at department stores?
Most of the time it is free, just ask.

It should be sanitary because the usually use disposable applicators and once they touch the makeup then touch your face they are supposed to get a new applicator.

I would'nt let them use eyeliner or mascara unless they use disposable applicators that is the only really unsanitary thing, you can get pink eye or other infections.Makeup counters at department stores?
oh no! 6 people getting sick a year from make-up counters? did you know that you can get sick from *gasp* being near other people?

yes, if you are careful and you go to an actual department store or sephora or something, then you have a .00001% chance of getting sick.
It is free, I usually have my face done at Macy*s, JCPenney, or the like and they do hope you'll buy something but you don't have to (because they make commission). When they use products like lipsticks, stick foundations, etc. they wipe it off before and after each use, so they try to keep as sanitary as possible. They also use cotton balls, disposable sponges and q-tips instead of brushes in most cases.
The stuff they have out on the counters is free for you to try on. They are supposed to have q-tips, cotton pads, disposable mascara brushes, etc. for you to try the items on with. I live at the Benefit counter, and the girls there are always extremely sanitary with the makeup that is out.
It is safe if you go to a reputable store like Nordstroms or something.
I think it is free but they expect you to buy something if they put make up on you. they use different disposable applicators on each person at least what i have seen them do. Also I have seen the people spray the make up with i am guessing soapy water maybe. But if you tell them you just want to try a new look usually they won't expect you to buy something. i just wouldn't ask them to try it all the time.
The following is a widespread occurrence; reported in the news at least 1/2 dozen times each year.

This IS the best answer鈥?/a>
I know that some places will give you a free makeover if you purchase a certain cost worth of cosmetics from them, while other places will just do it free.

And it can be unsanitary, but almost all places will make sure its not. They disinfect the brushes, which is fine.

I went with my friend once and 1. the lady was a little rude 2. she had to purchase 50.00 worth of cosmetics in order to get her makeup done and 3. the end job was fine, but we were there for almost 45 minutes because the lady kept moving her attention elsewhere, and no , it wasn't busy.

If you are interested in a new look, go for it.

They can really make your face pop!
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