Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What should I wear to a job interview at a makeup counter?

Actually, what should I wear to GET an interview. I want to be a make-up artist and I think this is a step in the right direction. I'm fairly glamorous (not like a red evening gown and stilettos, more like cashmere sweater and jeans and stiletto boots) and wear fairly dramatic makeup (not like rhinestones on my eyes and bright blue mascara, think smokey eye) and my mom seems to think I should ';tone it down'; to a more natural look. I think I need to show them that I am not some wallflower, I am fabulous and know what looks good and not afraid to be bold!!!

OK I just wanted to add that in for background, but considering that, what would be APPROPRIATE and likely to get me an interview? I don't want to look intimidating, but I also don't want to hide ME.What should I wear to a job interview at a makeup counter?
almost all of the makeup counters i know of require that their employees wear all black. so i would suggest that you wear all black. this shows that you already are aware and took notice of that requirement. i would say be ';bold'; and black. like a high-waisted black skirt, and a cute black shirt. maybe since its an interview you could throw in a cute pair of shoes like some tall leopard print heels or something. let them be aware that you are all glam. haha. good luck on getting the job. stay confident!What should I wear to a job interview at a makeup counter?
You could soften your makeup a little, but I wouldn't do the natural look. They want to see that you wear makeup and that you have fun with it. You could wear something fashionable, but professional for the interview. I wouldn't just wear some black boring suit. You could wear a suit, but add something like a bright top with bright heels. I also wouldn't wear anything revealing for the interview. You sound like you have great style. You can still wear something professional without loosing your personality.
as a beauty therapist i suggest wearing a skirt suit with a dressy shirt underneth, dont forget you are trying to get a job linked with fashion and beauty. wear your hair up and tidy or down but not in your face. your make up should reflect you but shouldnt look like your heading out on the town! you can do a subtle smokey effect with browns on the eyes, small amount of eye liner and a pinky tone on the lips.

hope this helps :)
i would have a natural and glowing look. But you could do a smokey eye and make it bronze that might be pretty! Hope I helped.
Just Do whats You, Wahtever you think Will work =]

I know You think this isnt Helping, But just do Something that Could Sum you up in One look =] '

I hope this Helps!! Goodluck! You can do this!
A nice white blouse with dress pants and some high heeled boots may work.
If you are applying for a counter I would recommend wearing the makeup from that counter. It will be a job requirement. By doing this you will show them that you know the product. I would just be myself and remember most makeup counters require an uniform usually all black so just look nice and give it your best shot. Also if this is a deparrtment store one thing you should keep in mind is that usually the cosmentic counter positions are not hired in they are promoted in so you may have to work your way up at least that is how it is at Dillards.

Good luck and just be yourself.
go nicely dressed and wearing full make up. this means foundation that matches your skin tone, blush,powder,lipstick or gloss(preferably the lipstick in red (makes your teeth look whiter), eye shadow(two colours maybe three if you know how to), eyeliner ( thinly)mascara (black,always black never any other colour) but put it on in such a way that makes it all look natural. that means you don't go over board with it. when putting on blush you need to smile. when you smile you will find what is called the apples of your cheeks. this is where you blush goes on just make sure that you don't put it on to heavily. a light hand is always the best way to put on make up. either on yourself or on others. once hired they most likely have their own class about what they carry and will show you how to apply their make up from then on you will do it their way not yours or mine.

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