Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Working at a macys makeup counter?

i currently work at a tanning salon and i love it, but my hours got cut due to my boss finishing school and has more time to work. I have to get a second job, and i have a interview on the 4th at macys at a makeup counter, Has anyone one of you ever worked at a makeup counter and how did you like it?

i worked at forever 21 for like 6 months and i hated it, i hated standing on my feet for 6-8 hour days constintly picking up after messy inconsiderate people for minium wage.

is working at a makeup counter fun? plus at the interview how much should i ask for hourly

btw im 17Working at a macys makeup counter?
I was recently hired as a counter manager for a cosmetic brand at Macy's with absolutely NO experience in cosmetics or retail. I got the job because I was persistent and the manager saw potential for growth and leadership in me.

I've only been on the job for a week, but I can tell you there is NO sitting and you get 1 hour lunch breaks if you are full time (8 hour day) or 15 minutes if you work for 4 hours. The hourly rate will depend on your area. I live in a rural-suburban area and know some people that are getting $6.50/hr. My general rule is.. ask for how much you are worth. If they offer you lower than what you expect (which is what happened to me) see if they offer benefits to make up for it. I can also tell you Macy's has some insane employee discounts on merchandise at certain times.Working at a macys makeup counter?
im 17 too pls read my question and help me with my resume??;鈥?/a>

and yes makeup counter sounds like fun.. but i think you would be standing on your feet alot too.. cause when i see people work there they litearlly have like no customers for the longest time and just stand on there feet helplessly waiting for ppl to go to them... so i dunno.. how did u get a job at a tanning salon im so jelous!!! is that ur first job??

plz help me with mine i really need a job! most of my friends have one and i still dont!! and im not working at a fast food place.. (most of my friends work in a fast food place)
Retail is retail, no matter where you work. When I was in highschool I hated it. But, you will probably get good discounts on nice make up. Plus its income reguardless.
I used to work at a makeup counter and it was pretty fun. It does depend, however, on which counter you are at. There's a slightly different culture at each counter and it depends on who the vendor is (for example, Clinique, Estee Lauder, etc.). I will tell you that overall, retail sucks, especially in appearal (clothing). But it's better over in cosmetics. Plus, you get commission with each sale, so it helps in padding your paycheck a little bit. As for pay, you could probably ask for 8 or 9 per hour. Good luck!
I don't think it would be fun. I avoid the makeup counters at the mall because the employees are always trying to sell me stuff I don't need. But if you're a good people person and salesperson it might be right for you.
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