Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Does it cost to get your makeup done at the MAC counter/store?

It's ';polite'; but here's the thing. If you are getting your makeup done then it should be bc you want to try a new product. If you try it and don't like it, you shouldn't feel obligated to buy anything. And a tip? You've got to be kidding me. They earn commission on whatever they sell you. They can't have it both ways. Also - who made up this rule about $30-40 minimum for a purchase? That's ridiculous. Just buy whatever products you truly liked.

Now, if you are getting full face makeup done, just bc you want it professionally applied, then yes - you're a cheapskate if you like the products but don't buy something.Does it cost to get your makeup done at the MAC counter/store?
no, but they are going to sell you something, and its kind of rude not to buy anything after they wast their time putting makeup on you....they work on commissionDoes it cost to get your makeup done at the MAC counter/store?
No, it's free, but they expect you to buy $40 of cosmetics and a tip. You don't have to buy what they used on you that day. You could buy $40 worth of lipgloss if you wanted to. I've had it done before a few times.
The Mac counter or any other cosmetic counter will do your makeup with the minimum purchase of 2 items. If you were getting it done for prom or a special event you most likely would want that fab lip color or that perfect foundation. Yeah I worked it before.
No but you have to buy some of the product that they are using on you
nope... tho i would set an appointment because they get really busy starting around now
nope but make sure you get an appointment just to polite!
No, But they like you to buy at least $30.00 worth of their products or the makeup they use on you.
No, but a purchase is expected and customary. Usually around $30.

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