Thursday, June 24, 2010

Is it just me or do you think girls at the MAC counter wear too much makeup?

In my opinion I think maybe 25 percent of the mac girls look good with it, but 75 percent of the mac girls just look like they have too much makeup on. One girl ..I looked at her eyebrows up close and the tail part of her eyebrows was gone..and she painted her eyebrows thicker then they were lol..I thought how phoney. .My natural eyebrows look better up close then hers. Just seems they wear so much eyeliner and too much eyeshadow dark n heavy looking. It looks like they take an hour putting on their makeup everyday. Anybody agree or disagree.Is it just me or do you think girls at the MAC counter wear too much makeup?
Well, I guess it's appropriate for where she works.Is it just me or do you think girls at the MAC counter wear too much makeup?
I disagree. It's a personal choice.

They're doing it to themselves, That's how they want to look.

Not to mention, it is their JOB!

Who are you to criticize them, anyway?

And comparing yourself to them? That's just ridiculous!

Not to mention, would you go around with no eyebrows? I doubt it. She has to do something doesn't she?

Makeup is fun and transforming, so what if they want to try out new looks everyday. It's on them anyway, what do you really care?

Are you actually going to go up to them and say any of this? Didn't think so. I suggest you quit talking bad about people you don't even know and take a closer look in the mirror.
like others have said, they are there to sell the makeup and show off their skill as a makeup artist, which is why they usually go over the top with what they wear. While it sometimes does look a bit silly it's part of the job.
those girls may have to much makeup on, but they are selling their products.

its spossed to make girls think that they can look like that too.

it takes alot of talent to make your makeup look like that.
yeah, i agree. i heard that is part of the job description though. they have to advertise their products, no matter how silly it looks.
i agree. it looks like they took every shade of cosmetic they have and somehow applied it to their face

zombie- MAC as in the makeup....
My bet is they are trying to sell the makeup, so they advertise it as much as possible.
They are supposed to. They put their makeup on to the extreme to show their skill and the product
They gotta do what they gotta do! lol =]

It does look silly!
omGG..Didto.....Yeah they were so much..that is kind of is disturbing.....haha..but yeah they do wear waaayyy much makeup....=)
Oh my gawsh! totally babe. Like what is the dealio?
you mean the MAC as in APPLE? computer?.....

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