Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm getting my makeup done at a Mac counter....?

and I was wondering does it cost money? I guess i forgot to ask before i made an appointment. But before i made the appointment I did buy something already from Mac. So does it cost money to get your makeup done? Its for a wedding nothing really special.I'm getting my makeup done at a Mac counter....?
l'm not sure if it does, but i would call ahead of time just to make sure it doesn't. If it does, make an appointment at Sephora if you have one where you live, because it's free and the staff are amazing, plus there are more brands to choose from. =]I'm getting my makeup done at a Mac counter....?
If you've got an appointment that means you do have to pay for it. My friend got hers done from them for prom, and it was about $40 (canadian). However if you're in the store and you walk up to them, for those ';in-store'; makeover things, they are usually free. From what I've seen from others who have gotten it done there, its really nothing special, you can probably do something similar yourself, or ask someone you know. However if you part of the wedding party, it might be a good investment to get it done professionally.
It doesn't cost anything to get a make-over, BUT you do have to buy something.. that is the reason they won't charge you for the make-up application.
they do the makeup for free but you have to buy $50 worth of makeup when you have your makeover
i dont think so. because like what if they do your makeup and it turns out not how you wanted it to?

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