Thursday, June 24, 2010

MAC makeup counters!?

do MAC makeup counters give a few free samples of eyeshadow pigments if you ask for them? i heard they do...

if they do, what do i say? am i just like ';can i have a couple eyeshadow pigments?'; like, im not sure what i do!

please hellllllpppppp!

THANKS!! : ) : )MAC makeup counters!?
I have gotten a few things (including pigments)! I usually strike up convo about what new products they have (so study up), talk about which products I have, and then (this is where the free samples comes in) which ones I am looking to add to my collection.

I have gotten free samples 2 times without buying anything, but I do try to buy something from my local Mac store!MAC makeup counters!?
I'm not sure, i've been wondering the same question.

I'llstick around and see the answer. If i hear any thing i'll let you know =]

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