Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pricing at department store makeup counters?

I am thinking of getting a makeover at a department store makeup counter. Could someone give me an idea of how much makeup costs there. I am not sure which counter I want to use yet either. I am looking for something natural.Pricing at department store makeup counters?
Most department store counters will do you a makeover for free, just so you can sample all the products they're trying to sell you. Just be forewarned- if you do choose to buy the makeup they use on you, cosmetic counters at the department stores are super expensive, (like $25 for a lipstick and $60 for a foundation at Clinique) and a lot of the products can be harmful to younger women's skin, because young women tend to have oilier skin than the older ladies do. I once got a makeover at a department store counter, and I totally broke out the next day because of whatever foundation she used on me. If you want a natural look and you also want products that are mineral-based and won't cause skin problems, you should look for an Aveda store or counter. I got my makeup done there once when I was younger and I was trying to learn how to properly apply eye makeup. It came out looking beautiful!! And the people there were super-helpful and were really good at showing me how to re-create the look at home myself. Their makeup is pretty expensive too, but it's good stuff and it lasts for a long time.Pricing at department store makeup counters?
It will cost 2-3 times more than drugstore brands. It is usually worth it, if you can afford it. My daughters and I (due to financial constraints) have been using drugstore brands (like Maybelline and Neutrogena) for a couple of years and are doing fine. If I had extra money, though, I would probably buy the more expensive brands. I like Mary Kay the best. They don't have a ';counter'; in the mall, but they come to your house, which is even better. Go to Best wishes!
Go to the MAC counter.

I suggest:

MAC Studio Fix powder foundation. It gives excellent coverage plus no shine!鈥?/a>

I use MAC blot powder for touch ups.鈥?/a>

MAC cosmetics are excellent and they have so many different colors of foundations,shadows, glosses + blushes to choose from that will all work well together to compliment any skin tone.
They are more expensive than drugstore brands. Clinque is a good brand, so is Prescriptives and Nars. What I tend to do is buy makeup from both drugstores and department stores.
Everyone keeps saying MAC but quite frankly I hate MAC. It's horrible for your skin, it's so heavy and it's over priced. You always come out looking like a Dime Store slut wearing it. I definetly recommend trying Benefit by Louis Vuitton. It's not overpriced. It's about $20 to $30 for a product, it's not heavy looking but you can tell you're wearing makeup, it doesn't clog your pores like MAC, and it's so much more fun. They have all sorts of cool things to try. For foundation I recommend their Play Sticks or Some Kind Of Gorgeous. For Blushes go for Georgia or BeneTint, or Glamazon. Just go to their counter and give it a shot between Benefit and MAC.
Go to mac because they did my make up for prom and it came out beautiful(I had a natural glow) and its not expensive because it doesnt cost anything to get your make up done but you do have to buy any four products but thats a good thing because you can buy the stuff that they used on you
MAC i think its about US$40.00 but u get to spend that 40 on make up! just ask them for somthing natural and not too over bored
MAC cosmetics are reasonably priced and the technicians are great. If you desire a more natural based ';makeup';, I would suggest Bare Escentuals. All of their foundations and eyeshadows are crushed minerals. The color palettes are gorgeous!
not sure.
go for MAC it's the best product - won't clog your pores and you can make it look as natural or as heavy as you want - just tell them what you want - they'll do it. they are the best.

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