Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Is makeup artist at a cosmetic counter a good job?

As long as you are comfortable with plugging the specific brand you are working for. If you are independent or want to recommend other brands, this might not be a good idea.

I personally do not like or trust the makeup artist at a cosmetic counter. Some of them have made me look like a clown. But even worse, they seem to be trained to insult you just to get you to buy their products. (e.g. ';You skin looks so wrinkled! or dry! You need this moisturizer, blah, blah';.) The next time they try to insult me, I might counter with, ';Hey if your product line is so great, how come your skin isn't perfect?';Is makeup artist at a cosmetic counter a good job?
i like the previous answer, they do make you think you need all that stuff. i like mac makeup artists though. they always do a good job.Is makeup artist at a cosmetic counter a good job?
Yes for a start and getting experience.You need

to open up your on make up shop or booth.

Beauty pa gents pay big bucks for a make up

artist.Rich people need a make up artist to go to

important events. TV stations hire you.You can

have a make up kit,and work with hair stillest in


For a career it's like any other sales job so I would say no. If you're working through your university degree or whatever qualifications you're trying to get then sure, if you like makeup and touching people it's fine.
well i have a friend that works in a dept store counter and he makes $16.00 dollars an hour! Plus the manger over all the counters makes $52,000 a year. Not too shabby.
If it's what you want to do,yes.
if your good at it the better the pay. usally around 10 to 13 dollars at first then you get better and better and you will get more money
It is if it pays the bills and you feel good about yourself.
If this is something you enjoy doing, then I consider this to be a great job! Any job you have, I believe, is a good one as long as you enjoy doing what you're doing.
If you enjoy doing makeup then yes, it is a good job!

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