Wednesday, June 23, 2010

MAC makeup counter makeover?


i was in Debhanams yesterday and the lady at the mac counter was doing a gorgeous makeover on this lady so i thought i would love to have my make up done. Probibly to choose best colours and to learn how to do it properly - is this possible?

does anyone know if it can be done randomly and not for a special occasion?

would i have to book it in advance?

and does it cost anything - i read some answers from other questions but there in dollars - anyone know if it costs anything (拢)?

also what would be best to do ... just ask the lady or is there a phone number/ where would i get it - it doesnt say anything on there website

thanks - all comments appreciated

xMAC makeup counter makeover?
It really depends...

I've gotten several ';make-overs'; at department store make-up counters life benefit, etc. and they were absolutely free. All you can really do is ask. Usually the only ones they make you pay for are the ones that you make an appointment for and are for special events.MAC makeup counter makeover?
Call your department store-

Most makeup counters will be happy to do a makeover for you, I've had several, most don't charge for the makeup application, but require that you buy one or two products so that it is worth their time.

You can do it at any time, not just for special occasions. Most of them will do it on the spot if they aren't busy and have plenty of staff, and you can always call and book an appointment :)

Ill let you in on a little secret. If you go in and buy a couple of products. You will more than likeley get FULL makeup applied for free. My sister and I have had t done many times. If you book an app. You need to pay something like $150 and you get the same thing. Try it out for fun. Make sure you get help from a someone whos fun.

If you need to book an app. you need to book in advance. You can book it there or find the number in the yellow pages.

Good luck =)
you just ask them.

my mom and i did that one time and it was free of charge!

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