Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Do you think i could get a job at a makeup counter?

alright, i am 16 years old. i have a passion for makeup. i spend most of my spare time watching youtube tutorials and tring them out and experimenting new looks, you could say i have a thing for makeup! i love it so much! i have never had a job before bit i would love to work at a makeup counter and sell and work with the products. i am very outgoing and i would love to work with people. could you guys that have experience with the makeup industry please give me an honest opinion on what i should do to become someone who works with makeup.Do you think i could get a job at a makeup counter?
Ok here is what you do go to like Dillards or some place they have a makeup counter in your town or city or state even and ask if they are hiring at their shop or store in the makeup department or if your mom or dad knows the owner have them to to him/her tell them if they ever need a worker for the makeup department to contact you just find a store and keep trying and do what your heart tells you sweetie.Do you think i could get a job at a makeup counter?
depends, i mean you shouldn't listen to me i'm only 13 but when i go to the mac stores the girls working there are much older looking than 16. You could probably get a job at a nice makeup counter like Lancome or Clinique, i see them at boscovs :]
Sorry but you have to be at least 18, and 21 at most companies. Many of them require you have a license in either makeup artistry or cosmetology.
I would suggest starting a portfolio of your work and maybe try Ulta if you have one in your city.

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