Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Getting makeup done at MAC counter at Macy's for a wedding?

I am in a wedding this summer. I was wondering if I go to the MAC counter in Macys'...will they do my makeup there to give me ideas how to do it for the wedding day, write it down so if i want to purchase it all to wear the day of the wedding.... I've never got my makeup done by anybody so i dont know if they do that or not.

and also, if i dont buy anything today but go back later to buy it, do i have to tip??Getting makeup done at MAC counter at Macy's for a wedding?
From what I've heard, a big complain with makeup artists at department stores is that ladies often come in wanting to get done for a wedding or occasion, then they leave without buying any products. The makeup artist is there to not only educate people like you, but she is also trying to sell their products as often they are on commission.

I think it's a good idea to go in or make an appointment, and try to buy at least one (if not more) thing that day. Buy the things you really love and don't buy anything you're not happy with.

Another recommendation is to look at the MAC product reviews online before you actually go, so you can get an idea of everyone's favorite products.Getting makeup done at MAC counter at Macy's for a wedding?
They will. And I do not think you have to tip. Ask about A rose romance. A great summer line. They will do your makeup and give you tips. But please buy at least some eyeshadow. It's polite.
oh sure.... and yes, they are on commission, so if you have a big heart, that's outstanding! You can open a new Macys star reward card and also leave a nice compliment by doing the online survey.

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