Thursday, June 24, 2010

Makeup ? I'm getting headshots. Is it cheaper 2 get makeup at the mall w/ help from counter lady or walgreens?

I'm a guy and I have bags and stuff under my eyes and i know my friend can photoshop them out, but he says i should get makeup b/c it'll be easier. I also looked at my first headshots from years ago and i just saw micro pimples on my forehead (which isn't good looking back on it) I haven't a clue about makeup (i'm a guy) but i know i want that powdery look. Suggestions? what's that jessica alba commercial where you can mix your own color? or is there a place where i can get tv makeup powder like the news people use i've seen some of the guys with that and it looks good. very 80s rock band like.

all help (not just one sentence pleassssee) greatly appreciated!!!!

oh and what will the counterlady do? i know they might help give you a makeup for free but i gotta get several takes in different days I can't just go back to them and do it over and over for free without buying. so if this is better than say walgreens then how much am i gonna pay??? roughly? $10 $5? ....Makeup ? I'm getting headshots. Is it cheaper 2 get makeup at the mall w/ help from counter lady or walgreens?
If you can't find this palette stuff and if you don't know how to apply the stuff, then go to lancome or Bobby Mac or Este Lauder and tell them you want some ideas on makeup. Watch them carefully, as they will give you a complete makeover. Tell them about your problem with the dark circles or bags, ask them what they have for this. As they put each item on your face, ask them what it is and what color it is and how much it is. After they have started, tell them what you are doing, tell them about the ';head shots';, they will be excited to be a part of this. Just buy one or two things. Have them make a list of what they used... sometimes they keep a chart of what they put on you for future reference. Tell them you will be back tomorrow. It really is worth it to buy good makeup, not the stuff from Walgreens. Your makeup will make a big difference and the Walgreen's lady can not help you as much as the counter person at the department store. Good make up in your business is important. Start now to invest in it. You are worth it. If you go back to them for 2 or 3 days in a row, you will be better prepared to do your own makeup... tell the girl this is your goal. Makeup ? I'm getting headshots. Is it cheaper 2 get makeup at the mall w/ help from counter lady or walgreens?
i say get it professionally done. you'll look and feel better. you'll now how to do it on those different days. Sure you might feel weird sitting there getting made over, but who cares? Buy, or figure out what she used, and see if you cant get it at Walgreens, target, walmart, etc. If you can't find it, go back and get it. Sure it'll be a little more expensive, but would you rather look cheap or professional? The less photoshop the better honey. :) Hope this helped some.
if your trying to go to a department store like jc pennys or anything of that sort your going to be paying ALOT more then 5-10 dollars. ur ranging anywhere from 20 and up foir the good stuff.

what the counter lady will do is help you find something close to ur skin tone and show u some ideas and do urmake up for u but like u said itll only last u the day.

so my advice to save you time and money

go to the department store and see what the lady says bout ur skin tone like what would be better like mouse cover up or powder or lquid. and then ask her to show you how to put it on and what ';color'; matches ur skin tone best

and then go to walgreens or something and then pick out the color she reccomended amd youll already know how to apply it

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