Friday, December 11, 2009

Can you bring in pictures of what you want your makeup to look like at the makeup counter?

I am 14 and I would love for my makeup to look like Blair's:…

I am going to the clinque (or is there somewhere better to go for the kind of makeup I want..?) soon to buy stuff.

Can I bring in a picture and have them show me how to do makeup like hers?

Or is that totally wierd?



:DCan you bring in pictures of what you want your makeup to look like at the makeup counter?
nope, its definitely not weird. some places will actually request you bring in a picture or a basic sketch of what look youre going for.

when i got my makeup done for prom, i brought in a picture of a model with a very classic hollywood look because my prom theme was 1920s. the look was flawless skin, red cupid bow lips and some liquid eyeliner. i asked if i could get that exact look except with a bit more focus on my eyes because im used to wearing quite a bit of eye makeup. of course, the makeup artist will adjust the look a little to suit your face just as the makeup artist probably adjusted his look to suit the models face. i would definitely recommend bringing in a photo just so that the artist can see the overall look, and not just make a mental image from your description.

by the way i got my makeup done at mac, and theyre very good at translating a look from paper to your face.Can you bring in pictures of what you want your makeup to look like at the makeup counter?
Absolutely. It is wayy better to have a picture instead of trying to guess what shades to get to replicate the look you want.

Remember they are there to help you :) I always go to bare escentuals for shadows and such. plus I like their brushes.

you might need a contour brush for a cleaner look (brush used for blending).

From what I can see in the pic:

step 1: apply a light-toned shadow from inner-corner at a diagonal up to brow line.

step 2: use shadow brush to pull darker color up from inner corner going outward to cover eyelid. Then use the contour brush to apply a medium shaded shadow above lid to blend dark and light together.
You should totally bring the picture.

It will be easier for the makeup artist because she already knows what to do and you don't have to worry about how it's going to turn out.
Bringing a picture will help both of you. Clinique will definitely have those colors, but you can also try a Sephora for more options.
if i were you i'd head to sephora, they've got clinique plus loads of other great brands!
ya you can bring the picture!! that would totally help.
Sure why not? Isn't that what employees are supposed to do, help you?
no i think it will be very helpful to them!!
my ex did tht at a mac makeup booth at the mall so i guess ya
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