Saturday, December 5, 2009

Anyone that has gotten their makeup done at the MAC counter?

Since Saturday is Valentine's Day, they were super booked so that's the only time they had left.Anyone that has gotten their makeup done at the MAC counter?
YES! it totally will. i got my makeup done there in the morning on the day of my homecoming and it was just fine, and it even lasted until it was over. they put on a lot of eye makeup generally so it lasts. good choice, MAC is the best!Anyone that has gotten their makeup done at the MAC counter?
wow that sucks. um yea it'll be on your face, but if you have oily face, oily tzone, and even if you dont have oily wtvr, it's still not gonna stay on there perfectly until 7PM. Why dont you try somewhere else? Sephora, MAC in like department stores, bobbi brown at department stores.. etecetc there are so much better make up brands that does make up. If you ask me, MAC sometimes over-do their make up
depends, if u have oily skin u may have to apply a lil powder to reduce shine.

but eyemakeup should last, but it really depends on how much they put on u. they will usually apply a primer, so i would be surprised if it didnt last.
It lasts a while but looks like ****.

I got mine done there because i was trying to find the right shade for my skin tone and the makeup was soo crap i washed it off as soon as i got home.
As long as they use a spray to seal the makeup, it'll last and look as great as when you first got it done. :)
hmm....mine lasted that long but you have to be SUPER CAREFUL! good luck...please dont wash your face...and

ask them for tips to keep it longer...there nice ppl!
yeah. and make sure you tell them that so maybe they put on certain products that are made to last longer.

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