Saturday, December 5, 2009

Best over the counter eye makeup remover?

I'm out of my clinique eye makeup remover, and have to get some from a drugstore until I'm able to get to the mall for more clinique. Any suggestions on the best over the counter eye makeup remover that removes well and doesn't sting? Thanks!Best over the counter eye makeup remover?
just use baby really does work..then use a cleanser for your whole will maintain you with beautiful skin!!Best over the counter eye makeup remover?
This is the one i use ';Artistry庐 Eye %26amp; Lip Makeup Remover';,Gently removes makeup without drying skin.

Product Description:

Back by popular demand, Artistry Eye %26amp; Lip Makeup Remover gently removes waterproof and smudgeproof mascara, even bold lip colours, without drying skin. Made with skin-smoothing aloe vera gel, chamomile, oat extracts, and emollients that help condition eyelashes.

We can completely remove eye make up with this one because i use it,it is really good. Artistry is one of the best 5 selling brands around the globe. It definitely helps you out \\. If you have further questions, feel free to email me any time at For more info on products and their prices,visit this website and also you can order the product online .鈥?/a>
Andrea Eye Q's work best for me.It contains about 65 pads,and it moisturizes your skin.
I Have been using ';Avon Moisture Effective Hydra Efficace'; eye make-up remover! I have used it for around 15 years! You can go to the Avon website and order it directly! Sometimes I forget to order it, and have to go to drug stores to buy some to hold me over until the Avon is delivered! All I get is burning red eyes when I use any other eye make-up remover! I usually don't buy anything from Avon, but their eye make-up remover is all I can use, without irritating my eyes! Plus you can get it without going shopping! It comes right to your door! One more thing, ';don't use vasoline! I used to use it, and it causes pores under your eyes!
mary kay has lovely oil-free eye make up remover.
Target Brand works just as good as anything out there

Does not sting at all!!
I have super sensitive eyes, and pretty much everything i've tried burns, but I have found one OTC that works really well: neutrogena oil free eye makeup remover. It comes in a purple bottle and looks like a oil/water mixture until you shake it up to use it. Good luck!
Cover Girl makes a great eye make-up remover. It's about $4.
hey the bust thing is BABY OIL not too much! dap a lil on a cloth or paper towel. add a lil bit more if u u have 2 much make up on .

it works very well. im not sure if u can use vaselin? but baby oil 4 suuuure.

ii i noe it sounds weird but try it if u dunt liek it den u can quit.


hope i helped u



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