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Should I take my 10 year old daughter to the Mac Makeup Counter?

She says she wants to conceal her dark eye circles which we both have. She also says she wants a few eye shadows, and lip glosses. Do you think she's to young?Should I take my 10 year old daughter to the Mac Makeup Counter?
for mac


if u are going to buy her makeup buy her origins

it is natural


and thin

the colors are not bright and shell look like she has no make up on

which is what it should look likeShould I take my 10 year old daughter to the Mac Makeup Counter?
Maybe a little lip gloss but that is about it...

as far as the dark circles, I had them since I was a child too and also inherited them from my MOm. Teaching her the importance of good skin care will do her better in the long run. Get her a nice eye cream that helps to fade the circles will help to get fade of them so she doesn't always look tired but keep her young natural beauty. Drinking lots of fresh water and avoiding caffeine and cucumber slices also work. So does tea bags. Make them nice and hot then cool them down and place them over the eyes.
Why not? She shouldn't need to conceal anything, unless she is getting 10 hours of sleep and they're just naturally there, but a few eye shadows and lip glosses shouldn't be a big issue. If they make her feel beautiful, what's the harm in it? As long as you teach her she IS just as pretty without the make-up and how to put it on so she doesn't look trashy, it's all innocent.
i started playing with make up in jr. high (i was 12) my mom never really taught me how to aply it, etc and i felt like i was at a huge disadvantage. i always got compliments on my makeup, but i always wore it really light. i think i would make sure that your daughter if self confidant enough, and isn't wanting this 'because she isn't pretty' by taking her with this emotion, she could take it as my mom thinks i'm not pretty too, and i need to hide my imperfections... if she was my daughter i would probably wait another year or two, and see what the other girls in her class are doing.... however if this has little to do with feeling insecure, and is more of a fun, light hearted, 'all the other girls are doing it' thing, then make a day out of it. maybe go for a manicure, or for coffee or something before hand. get her hair done, and buy a new outfit or whatever. have the girl show her how to do her make up that is age appropriate, and then buy her one or two things, also let her experiment with your make up at home. (someting my mom did allow) might i recomend that you buy a only a small amount from there, as for the expense it's not great quality... mary kay is also expensive, but is much better quality.
No! You'd just be teaching her to cover her face in make-up instead of embracing her looks. 10 is too young for make-up. Wait until she is at least a teen and gets spots.

I was 15 before my dad let me wear make-up (mum would've let me younger) because I was his princess and he taught me that I was beautiful no matter what! Now at 25 I wear very little make-up and have loads of self-confidence! I have my daddy to thank for that!
lip glosses yes

eyeshadow. no

myabe get her mascara

i didnt wear make up at all until 8th grade

but that was my decision

remember those girls in highschool who were always orange with bleach blonde hair? who applied make up to their face every class period?

you start your daughter young. thats what she is going to become
No. 10 is way to young for make up. If she thinks she has dark circles, why not just give some cucumber slices? that does work.

but remember, 10 year old skin is the skin that 30 year old women lust for. Don't let her clog her pores with make up she doesn't need.
Well, if you want to take her as a special occasion thing, than I'd say it's fine. However, I don't think it's appropriate to take her regularly or allow her to wear make up on a regular basis.

But, for a special mother-daughter day type thing, it's fine.
all you are teaching your 10 year is that she has no inter beauty. teach her self love. We all have little imperfections and if you start focusing on them at such a young age by the time she is 21 she will be wanting implants and a nose job
She's TEN!

If she has dark's because she isn't getting enough sleep.

She's too young.…
Does she have allergy shiners? If that's the case, I guess I might let my child have the concealer but I think 10 is young for actual makeup on a regular basis.
i think she is growing up to fast save your child im in 8th grade i see 6th graders making out and wearing so much make up and lap dancing on boys and stuff ..... talk to her and make her a little more close to you
I do think she is too young. Teach her to cherish her childhood. Guarantee her she is beautiful, and she doesnt need that crap.
I didn't start using make up until I was in my early 20's.
NO make up until she turns 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gah yes! especially for DARK EYE CIRCLES? what theee....

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