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Would a makeup counter in Macy's like MAC or Bobbi Brown or Clinque do makeup for prom for free?

I was just wondering, i could get my makeup done at the place i'm getting my hair done at for like $35 but i heard that the makeup counters in the stores will do it for free? is this true? does anyone work at one of these?

thanks ! ( :Would a makeup counter in Macy's like MAC or Bobbi Brown or Clinque do makeup for prom for free?
I work for Macy's in a management postion, and the policy is that all makeovers are free of charge. Keep in mind that the purpose of a makeover is to sell product-these people all work on commission-no sale means no pay. So if you go in for one, be sure to realize that they will try to sell to you-their paycheck depends on that sale!Would a makeup counter in Macy's like MAC or Bobbi Brown or Clinque do makeup for prom for free?
If you go into Sephora you can try all their products for free as much as you want by yourself


you ask one of the ladies who preffesionals to do you over you can just tell them what you want and they'll do it using the latest products.

Sephora has Clinique and man other designer brands
Unfortunately, they won't do it for free, but they don't exactly charge you for it either. What I mean is, some brands, will require you to buy $60 worth of cosmetics while brands like Chanel will require you buy 3 items, no matter the price. If you want make-up done for free, Bare Escentuals gives you a free one and I believe Sephora does too.
I'd call the store first, some do it for free as long as you buy products, some will do it free with no obligation.

I was at a MAC store (not a counter, but a shop) and they did my eye make-up free, no obligation, even though I DID end up buying everything they used on me. MAC is great stuff, though, so even if you did buy it, it's well worth it... my eyeshadows have lasted me for ages!!
Yes they would :) I used to work at Clinique and we do not charge for a makeup session because its against the Clinique may be offered a makeup lesson as they like to call it but its still getting your makeup done. Mac, I believe, charges a 40$ sitting fee.
one time a friend and i were at dillards together..

we just asked for a makeover, and they gave us

a suprisingly good job completely free of charge.

i think it really depends on the location

of the store..but yes you should definitely go in advance

and ask around at different stores. chances are,

you will fond one that does it for you.
They sure will. I had my done the morning of my son's wedding. I did purchase the lip stick that they used. But be forewarned they are very busy at prom time.
Mac will do it as long as you purchase $50.00 worth of stuff.
They do..because they try to sell you stuff. Just make an appointment ahead of time.

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