Friday, December 11, 2009

What makeup counter should i go to? 10 POINTS!!?

i really want help choosing the best foundation and concealer for me, what makeup counter should i go to?

i know there's macy's, nordstrom, MAC, sephora, and ULTA. but who is the best?

i really want to have my makeup done there (so that they show me how the products look on me and give me a sort of everyday make-up routine). also, who has the best brands and best consultants (from your experiences)?

i'm definitely going to buy the products they use on me if i love them, but i want to make sure i go to the best place.

thanks for the help! 10 points for best/most helpful answer!!What makeup counter should i go to? 10 POINTS!!?
MAC has amazing consultants, but Sephora has the best variety of brands and the best products overall. I'd definitely go to sephoraWhat makeup counter should i go to? 10 POINTS!!?
Sorry besides those four I can't think of any, but for the best consultants and brands, I'd say MAC especially since the girls can match you up easily, and they're always so helpful for any questions I have about their products. And they have so many different variations of types of make-up, so you'll probably find something you love there.
i really love the lancome counter they have a great variety to chose from the foundation feels so light weight and natural, lip gloss so moisturizing ,eye and lip pencils so easy to blend i love it the consultants are very helpful and answer any questions you have
MAC! I got it done there once and they were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. they were very into makeup and loved answering all my questions. plus, the makeup is gorgeous.

It's still high quality, but less expensive than sephora.
Sephora or ULTA they have a lot of different shades and varieties
SEPHORA they have a lot of variety!
Do yourself a favor. Don't go to a general makeup counter at a department store. Make an appointment to sit down with an Artistry, Mary Kay or Avon rep for a private session. You can do it at home with them. It will give you a chance to ask all your questions and if you really want to have fun, invite a few or more girlfriends over and have a party...

The reps can bring all the information and walk you thru everything. They will even check back with you to see if how things are going and if there are any other products you would like to try. Try finding that at a department store makeup counter. Plus the reps can tailor the products to fit your budget.
i think it would be best to go to most of the counters you're interested in at macys and nordstrom and ask questions and get makeup trials.

i personally lalalalove bare minerals for foundation, concealer doesn't break me out and it looks really natural. i get tons of compliments on my skin all of the time.

but for eye makeup, mac for sure. there's even a mac store so you could there.

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