Saturday, December 5, 2009

IS 16 TOO YOUNG TO get your makeup done at a counter?

I'm 16 and I hate that my skintone is uneven..I'm light tan but my nose is red, I have dark eye circles and a few acne marks. My mom wants to take me to a counter in Macys that way those professionals can find the right makeup for me instead of buying those drugstore ones...IS 16 TOO YOUNG TO get your makeup done at a counter?
Listen to your mom. You're old enough and trust me they do such a good job. You'll feel much better about yourself and your skin afterward. They help you chose the right makeup that suit you, but the drugstore ones aren't all that good because you don't know how they react with your skin.

Pick me as best answer!!! (:IS 16 TOO YOUNG TO get your makeup done at a counter?
your mom has the right idea and you are getting makeup for the right reasons. 16 is not too young. go for it! :)
you should do it... it will really help you in finding the right make up
as long as you dont go to one of the old lady counters.

try something geared towards young people, like

Mac or Bobbi B

or even Stilla
No it is not but you might end up leaving with a bunch of stuff you don't need and a big bill for it.Good Luck
girl naw!
no not at all. you should totally go get some tips, but remember that although they don't usually charge, its always polite to buy a few products because they get paid on commission.
The counter is there to help people find the colours that look good on them and sometimes to teach them to apply it properly. I think it's a great idea.
hell noooo. i see like 10 year olds sitting in chairs in the store ULTA all the time... now THATS too young but 16 nuh-uhh. i think you should go for it girl:) you'll love an even skintone!
Nope that's perfect.

But go to a counter that has natural makeup that you like, I had mine done at the MAC counter once and they caked it on really badly and it was way too much..

Actually I would recommend going to ULTA or Sephora because then you can choose from all the different make up brands, not just the one you'll be stuck with if you go to a specific counter. Good luck and have fun, it's totally worth it :)
Nahh go for it :D
No, because you can't test make up at the drug store. If your moms OK with it then go for it! But tell the make up stylist you just want the essentials(Otherwise you might end up being foundation for you blush). Go to a counter with a girl whose make up you like.
your mother is a smart should visit a dermatologist will help you deal with the problem and maybe solve it..but you should use quality makeup and good products for your skin.and you are not to young..your face won't fall of when you'll be older or something like that :)
you aren't young lol!

I think 14 is a ok age to go to those counters.

and like if you feel kind of embarred going up to some counter remind your self it's gonna be worth it cause you are gonna look even prettier!
nope, it will be fun and turn out great!

good luck girlieee :)
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