Friday, December 11, 2009

Makeup done at makeup counter?

Do you know if they charge you to get your makeup done at the makeup counter like dillards and stuff.? want to switch to like clinic but I want to try it first.Makeup done at makeup counter?
Most of the time it's free. The only thing about makeup counters though is that they use the same products over and over on different people. I saw a few news stories where they looked into it, and there is so much bacteria, skin cells, and worse in the makeup they use. I would try to find samples of the products to try at home.Makeup done at makeup counter?
It's free, but it's generally considered a nice thing to do to buy one of the products they used on you afterwards (they are paid on commissions, and their starting salaries aren't that high). But, if it's for a special occasion, they're usually totally happy to do it for you without you needing to buy stuff along with it. Just tell them about it and what you're looking for lookwise, and they'll have fun with it.
Sometimes, Yes. Ive always had my makeup done at the Estee Lauder counter --at Dillards they wanted me to buy two items or more, at Macys they expected nothing. I know clinique doesn't charge and im not sure about the others. Usually they like you to buy something since they work on commission.
they dont charge but your suposed to bye it after you dont HAVE to but its not a big deal if you dont....the whole point is that you can see if you like it or not so if you dont you dont have to
It's usually free, they are just hoping you'll buy something they used on you.
It's free, who would pay to have someone else's germs and dead skin particles applied to their face?

ie: tester make-up and brushes used!
It depends on which counter you go to. At most counters, including Clinic, you are required to buy a certain number of items or spend a certain amount for them to do your make up. Unless you hit a nice girl or some kind of promotion, you will most likely be paying.
Yeah but watch out they may only do half your face! Just be prepared to buy some products if your wanting the full treatment!!!
it's free.
no, it's complimentary, but of course they expect you to buy atleast one product. You should go to the Clinique counter during ';bonus time'; bcuz you'll get a lot of extra makeup free if you purchase something. their website will tell you when bonus time is.
Sure, they'll do it for free. When I went in they had advertised in the paper that the Clinique reps would be there to do it , and sure enough they could not have been more helpful. They gave me a great look for work and for the evening. If you buy everything they recommend, you could easily spend $300.00 just for your daytime makeup. I've been really happy with the line since I don't even need to touch it up during the day. And if you don't like what they do, don't buy. You have no obligation to do so. Have fun!
most make-up counters will do your make-up for free but they may expect you to buy a gloss, lip liner or something small like that
Those makeup counters will paint you like a drag queen. Clinique is great and is worth the money spent. Ask for some samples. I highly reccomend it!
yea they charge and i really want to go...i think its good to have a professional let you know what colors are for you and your skin, hair and eye color...well worth it
Most major department stores will offer you makeup for free to try, and will work with you to show you the best ways to wear it.
No, they do it free, it's advertisement for them!
They will usually do a free makeover to help you pick colors.
it's usually free, although some places like MAC just recommend you buy something but it isn't necessary.
No there is no charge - you may need an appointment though. They will do it for free so you can try their products and hope you buy.
clinic will do your make up for free in belks i know
I think it's free, just let them know you are interested in buying their products
They'll do it for free, especially if you tell them you're interested in buying some products. It's only the teens that come in to get makeup done for proms and dances and stuff that make those stores sometimes charge - but if you're a legitimate customer, it should be free.
Clinique will provide that service at no charge.
no they do it for free
I know Dillard's does it for free, its a great way to try new products and perhaps a new look for your self.. Don't be shy just ask : )

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