Friday, December 11, 2009

Did you go to a Sephora or MAC counter to get your makeup done?

And your hair done at your regular salon? Or did you have someone come to you at the ceremony venue to get you and your attendants dolled up?

What are the pros and cons of each?Did you go to a Sephora or MAC counter to get your makeup done?
My sister %26amp; I went to MAC for our make-up the day of her wedding. You need to pre-book. Went went to her hair dressers for our hair.

pros = cheaper

cons = driving aroundDid you go to a Sephora or MAC counter to get your makeup done?
I'm not married yet, but I plan on having someone from a salon (or a makeup artist) do my makeup. I would not go to a store like Sephora to have my makeup done. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Sephora. However, the people who work there are sales people. They do know a thing or two about applying makeup, but I don't believe they have to go to cosmetology school.

In the long run, they are going to sell you what the ';hot'; products are. They are going to use their opinion on what looks good when applying your makeup. A makeup artist or someone in a salon is trained to understand how to apply makeup for people who will be having their pictures taken, people who will be wearing makeup for long periods of time. Plus, I think they are more knowledgeable on what colors look good for what skin colors and such. Also, don't forget. Makeup artists know how to bring out your best features. Not all mall sales people know how to do that.

As for my hair, that's being done at the salon. I'm not good at doing my own hair, so I'm leaving that up to the professionals too.

I got my makeup done at a Clinique counter. I did a practice run several weeks ahead of time, and they wrote down all the colors we agreed on so the wedding day could be as fast as possible. They didn't charge me anything, I just had to do a 2 item purchase so I thought it was a great deal. They did a beautiful job, too! So I highly recommend it.

A lot of people have their hairdresser also do the makeup, but I don't think they're as good at all.

As for going to a salon, or having someone come to you, I'm sure it's just a matter of cost. They will probably charge you more to come to you, but it may be more convenient. I just allotted the entire morning to get ready, so it was no big deal for me to go first to the salon and then to the makeup counter.

Good luck!
I had a certified Bobbi Brown cosmetician do my make-up. Luckily, I knew her through a friend, so I was able to meet her at my friend's house to get ready. I got my hair done at my regular salon. My attendants were all on their own, since I provided their dresses and put no specifications on their hair/make-up.

Pros of someone at your venue:

+ you don't have to worry about getting to different places on time

+ they are available for touch-ups throughout the day/night

+ you'll ensure all your girls are ready when they're supposed to be

Cons of someone at your venue:

- $$$ this gets expensive!

- it's probably not necessary. your hair and make-up should hold all day/night with minimum touch-ups you can do yourself

Pros of going somewhere:

+ it's usually cheaper

Cons of going somewhere:

- a trial run is a good idea to make sure you like what the person does (actually, this is a good practice whether you go to them or they come to you)

- i don't know if you can make a reservation with someone at a make-up counter, but you'd definitely want to do this to be sure they're available when you need them

- time management is needed so you get where you need to be on time

I got married on a holiday so the salon that I go to was actually closed. It turned out to be a blessing because I asked the stylist if she'd be willing to come to my house and do my hair. She agreed and she did my makeup too!

It was great that I didn't have to do any running around on my wedding day. If you can do this I recommend it. Just so you're more relaxed on your special day. : )
I got really lucky. My cousin's best friend works at MAC so she came and did my makeup. My sister-in-law does hair so she styled my hair. They both came to me and did it all for free (I got them each a gift card to their favorite store as a thank you)!
you can go to a mac counter and its 55 dollars to get your makeup done.

i would have a stylist come to me to get my hair done.

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