Saturday, December 5, 2009

The woman at the Clinique counter refused to put makeup on me?

I wanted to get one of those little makeovers that they have for free, but she wouldn't do it! So I had to buy my eye shadow without trying it on first! What if i look like crap now?The woman at the Clinique counter refused to put makeup on me?
Yeah that was wrong of her she shouldnt have turned you down just because you are a guy you have yours right just like anyone else you should go back and see if someone else is working or go somewhere else like sephoraThe woman at the Clinique counter refused to put makeup on me?
Return the eyeshadow. The only thing thas good about their make-up is the mascara (Its called high definition). They had this nearly lipstick thing that was great but they are discontinuing it :(
Um, hate to say it but she played you...they can pressure you but don't ever think you have to buy anything from them first...

I would have told her no thanks %26amp; went somewhere else
They are a snooty lot in Malls and bigger stores.

They do not realise they are mere sales girls.

I'd not have purchased that eyeshadow. You can fix an appointment with them too.
I was noticing that you are a guy?
Clinique isn't a very makeup oriented company. They started out with skincare, and that is still where their focus is. The clinique makeup isn't that great anyway.

Most people who work in makeup counters know NOTHING about makeup anyway. They usually aren't trained unless they are from (MAC, Benefit, Bobbi Brown) one of the makeup oriented companies. That is probably why she wouldn't put it on, because she really can't do makeup.
Yea, that is ridiculous. You should be able to sample anything they have on the counter. That is what it is there for.

Clinique sucks any ways, switch to benefits.
Take a minigun and blow the fucka's up :P

You should be able to try anything on before buying!

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