Friday, December 11, 2009

How much do they usually charge to do your makeup at a department store counter like Macy's?

I am a manager at Macy's.

Our makeup associates will demonstrate their products for free. Many times you may need to book an appointments because they have clients that come in. However, if you odn't have an appointment and they are not busy, they can do a makeover free of charge.

Its best to go in with a specific request. Not just ';please do my makeup'; but go in with specifics in mind. For example, I've asked for them to show me what to do with bold colors, or how to look great with natural looking makeup.

They are their to service CUSTOMERS. They do work on commission, and if they are spending time on your makeup, they could possibly be missing other sales. Its best if you purchase some product form them that they used in your makeover. Additionally, many of them could add you as a clinet and keep a list of things thye used/you liked so you can ourchase things gradually. Its nice to build a relationship with a makeup artist who knows your colors and needs.

Plus then thye're more likely to help with your makeup for special events!How much do they usually charge to do your makeup at a department store counter like Macy's?
They are sales consultants, not makeup artists (well, they might be makeup artists too, but that's not what they're there for ). Generally it is free -- but it's a sales tool to get you to buy their products, not a service they perform to make you look nice for an event.

If you're looking for a makeover for an event, not a general makeover (where you might buy their products to keep the look going for everyday), you might try checking local spas or salons; they often do makeovers with hair and makeup.How much do they usually charge to do your makeup at a department store counter like Macy's?
the girl did mine for free at mac
they do it for free
i think its for free
Nothing!!! It's totally free... but I usually buy something with it. I'm not sure if your compelled to though.
macy's doesn't charge, its free. But it would be really nice if you bought a thing or two for the time they took. But if you want to do one for like prom or something, they expect you to buy two things from them.
It's free, with the expectation that you'll like the products so much that you will purchase them.
they usually depending on which place you go at macy's will do it free, or request you make an appointment, or they will ask you to buy one of their products before they help you.
they do it for free, but you're compelled to buy something with it.
They don't charge you for the make over at their counter but they do expect you to buy their products. After the make over they will be showing you what they put on your face and making suggestion on what you need to buy. Buy only what you want. Get cleaners,toners, and moisturizer then go for foundation,blush ,lip color etc..... Spend within your budget. The Mac makeup is the best but you don't have to buy it all the first time. You can always go back and buy more later.

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