Saturday, December 5, 2009

Is the mac counter good for prom makeup?

i have sort of an ';alternative'; style, and i'm planning on getting some kind of vintage dress with funky shoes (possibly betsey johnson shoes).

i have choppy layered hair, that i'm probably going to wear down.

is the mac counter a good place to go to get my prom makeup done? or will they make me look like a little $lut?Is the mac counter good for prom makeup?
No, they won't make you look like a slu*! If you have a funky unique style, mac will be perfect for your prom make up especially to compliment betsey jhonson!! You can go in before prom to do a pre- prom makeover, so they can get it rite, and write down all the colors they used so it will be perfect for your big night! Good luck and have fun!Is the mac counter good for prom makeup?
Mac is amazing,just please be sure to buy something from the person who does your makeup because its really rude not to.
It totally depends on the person who does the makeup. I've seen some crappy makeup done at MAC and some really good makeup done as well. But that goes for any counter. really.
mac is my favorite and they always do makeup really well. you can have them not do it too excessive, i've gotten it done there a lot of times, and i don't think it makes me look like a ****. i think they make me look hot =] and i bet they could do something that would match your dress and shoes.
they do tend to over do it but ur style sounds like it could handle it. just tell them to use more natural colors like browns and tans and light pinks or tell them you don't want it too ';over the top';
not so much like a **** but most likely very dramatic, I got mine done just because we were there and it was a fun idea, and they took what I asked them to do and applied it 10 times thicker, it was a mess, but it really depends on the employees, I suggest it because to work for MAC you have to be some what really good!
if you like betsey johnson then mac has great colors for her fashions!
I've been to the MAC counter for my sisters' wedding and I do not like their makeup, to me it is to muggy their make ups are dull and not shiny enough for prom. Prom should be all about color, sparkle, and shine.
i think it'll be ok. you just have to be very specific with what you want.
MAC iS THE BEST%26lt;3

i had my makeup done at MAC for my prom, and i LOVED it! i 100% suggest you go to MAC...they have an awesome variety of eyeshadows to go with any look :-)
It depends on the person really.

I've done my makeup there for a couple of years but the one time I go to get my makeup done for a school function, I came out ultra glossy.

You have to tell them what you want, what your color are, and tell them to not cake stuff on and different things as such.

But the MAC Counter in my area charges for functions and such $50 and you just buy things from them. (If you really like the eyeliner or shadow).
they are good, but like all make-up jobs, you have to be specific about what you want. If you want to do your own make-up but don't want to spend a lot of money, drugstores (like rite-aid) have pretty good-quality stuff. my tip to you is to try to match your eyeshadow to your dress but to also coordinate the shade so that it also makes your eyes ';pop';. playing up your eyes (if they are a good feature of yours) may make them more noticeable to your date and most guys notice a girl's eyes first.
to keep it short and sweet:


mac makeup is awesome

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