Thursday, December 3, 2009

How do I get a job job at a MAC makeup counter?

Anything you can tell me wold be helpful.How do I get a job job at a MAC makeup counter?
You'll have to apply in person with a resume. It's better if you have experience but I know people who've never worked with any makeup professionally and still got the job. It's also super important you know about their products a bit. The hiring/interview process is pretty intense and time consuming so if you're not 100% into it, don't apply.How do I get a job job at a MAC makeup counter?
you have to apply in person...but i will tell you they want someone who is young and hip...they will train you comprehensively but it's more impoartant to them that you can SELL....not what you know about makeup..they will teach you that...they want someone who is not too shy to do whatever it takes to get sales!!!
go to the store and apply, or apply online. bring a resume
actually u cant apply on line but u can go in and take your resume.. i work there and its good experience.
um I guess you could go to your local MAC store or counter and ask one of the sales lady for help regarding signing up as an employee or some phone number she can maybe give you to contact someone who can help

hope I helped good luck
i asked a girl who works on michigan ave and she said that you have to have worked at another makeup counter for at least 1 yeat before they will consider you

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