Thursday, December 3, 2009

What department stores have a makeup counter?

I'd like to know the names of stores where i can try out and put on makeup that i want to buy to make sure i have the colors that compliment and go with my skin. Please be specific. thanks!What department stores have a makeup counter?
Dillards or Belks. Clinique is really good and they have professionals that will put it on for you and give you the best colors of eye, foundation and lip color. Good Luck!!!What department stores have a makeup counter?
go to Sally's or Ulta or even Kohl's go by the make up section.The have good things there.
i always go to dilliards or macy i only buy clinique. they have people there to show you what your skins needs and what looks good
marshall fields, sephora, ummmm kohls.
Duh! macy's, Nordstrom, and all other places like that have awesome makeup counters.
the bay, sears, the body shop.
the bay, sears, sephora, holt renfrew
probably almost every department store: Macy's, carson pirie scott, bloomingdales, neiman marcus, saks 5th ave. i'm not sure who has the best makeup, but i personally like Clinique or Neutrogena (which you can just buy at target)
All the above....
most of them except mervyns and sears i believe

go to dillards or macys
macys, nordstrom, the body shop, bath and body works, %26amp; sephora all have great makeup counters (I recommend macys or sephora).
Carsons, Macy, Penny

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