Friday, December 11, 2009

Is it hard to get a job at the makeup counter at Macy's?'s not hard getting an INTERVIEW for the cosmetics department at Macy's.

it may be more difficult to get the job---and if you are not fully prepared for what the position entails---keep the job.

there are several interviews depending on which counter/vendor you want to work for: interview

2.interview with dept.manager(GSM)

3.vendor interview(s)

4.any additional interviews based on need for more information/fit for team, and competition for the position

most think that cosmetics is very ';glamourous';, it's ';easy';, and that the sales goals ';make themselves';. PLEASE NOTICE THE QUOTATION MARKS.

to know if you are a true fit for a position in cosmetics some things to think about are: comfortable am i touching customers' faces/hands?

2.if i have the training- would i feel comfortable being 6-8'; away from someone's face and putting product on them? i want to ';pull'; customers(';pull'; means go out and find a customer and bring them back to the counter)? how will i still get them to come back with me to the counter if they say ';no';? i willing to market product and sell the way the vendor expects me to- or would i rather do it my own way with my own rules? i want to call customers and possibly sell them products over the phone? i physically able to put away stock, work in stockrooms and lift boxes of product? i comfortable OPENING CREDIT CARDS? (this is an expectation of MANY department stores now) i want to work VERY hard to meet aggressive goals and at what lengths am i willing to achieve these goals?

9. what experiences have i had that prove i am a go getter and ambitious?

these are not meant to discourage anyone from a career in cosmetics- rather think about if you think this is a right ';fit'; for you!

it is for me---and i LOVE it. i have worked my way up in the cosmetics industry for the last ten years...Is it hard to get a job at the makeup counter at Macy's?
It depends. Its a fairly easy process . You put in an app. at the store for Cosmetics-Any. Then they give you 3 interviews usually 1 w/ your immediate counter manager , 2 w/ the store manager and then 3 w/ the line(Mac , Clinique etc...) rep. Then if you're selected they'll train you. But it is retail which means positions are variable and come open /close all the time.I'd fill out an app. they're usually good for 6-12 months.Is it hard to get a job at the makeup counter at Macy's?
It's somewhat easy. My sister's friend worked as a gift wrapper at Macy's but she reallllly wanted to get switched into the cosmetic section. Just fill out an application, and they are going to have you answer some questions. The questions are not about makeup though, its more along the lines of ';If you saw a customer walk off without paying what would you do?'; and similar questions.

I am sorry I couldn't be of more help. Just be confident and maybe ask one of the ladies at the counters.

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