Friday, December 11, 2009

Makeup counter....?

When you're at a makeup counter like in Nordstroms/Macys, what do u say when you want them to like..put makeup on you? i've never known what to say. thanksMakeup counter....?
Just tell them you are looking for a new look and ask if they have anyone who does makeup application. Normally the person behind the counter can do it but also ask if they have days when a makeup artist is available. Counter workers are not makeup artists and many stores like Nordstroms have ';makeup artist days'; where they hire pros to come in and apply makeup at the counters. The service is free but it's better to have your makeup done by an artist. Also, look to see how the girl behind the counters makeup is. Since counter workers aren't artists you'll usually end up with makeup similar to hers so if you like it then ask her to do yours but if you don't then ask if they are having any makeup artists coming in and if you can make an appointment to have your makeup done then. This may sound really sexists but also if you end up finding a counter who's hired a male then you have a safe bet he has some artistry training. Most lines won't hire males unless they can prove they have some artistry ability so if you see a man at the counter you'll probably get a pretty good makeup application from them. It's a sad but true fact in the industry.Makeup counter....?
Usually when you're browsing around the counter, they'll ask if you want to try something a certain product on, but if not, simply say ';Do you think I could see how some of this looks on?'; Then they should seat you down and apply whatever you wanted on. Sometimes they'll even try and find good colors and products to go with your skin tone, eye color, hair color, etc. Just make sure that whatever they're putting on, they use a NEW Q-tip, lipgloss wand, sponge, etc. They always have them on the counter, and if they don't use a new one, germs and other nasty little things from a previous customer could now be on your face. Usually though, that's not a problem.

Have fun!
just go up and start looking at stuff. If someone comes over to help you just say...I was looking for a new cover up but I don't know what shade I am.

*hint* don't let them put the eyeshadow and liner on you because they use it for everyone and germs can be spread and you could get a really bad eye infection...

Hope I helped!!

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