Friday, December 11, 2009

How do you approach makeup counters?

This is probably a stupid question, but how do you approach makeup counters? I usually will check the internet/reviews before going out to buy something, so I know exactly what I want. But it feels really weird just going up to a counter and listing everything you want to buy. Seems a little rushed, like ordering take out food ....How do you approach makeup counters?
GIRL I LOVE CLIENTS LIKE YOU! Here is the deal. A lot of us who work at counters are bogged down all day with a ton of questions. Most of us like questions thats why we are there but someone who comes in and says hey this is what I need is a gem! It's also great because you can chat with an artist and get to know them so if you ever did want to go in and just have your make-up done or needed it done for a special occasion you already have a relationship with him/her. The bottom line is that artist are at the counters to do it all. Grab items off a list or do a full application and answer any questions. That is why we are all trained by the lines we represent. I do recommend bringing a list. A lot of people think we are like servers at a diner. Where we can remember everything you ask us for. A list totally helps. Just walk in and take a look around and find someone you would feel comfortable chatting with. Go from there. Never feel uncomfortable or shy. You are there to get what you need we are there to get it for you. Just be totally cool and they will as well.How do you approach makeup counters?
just go up to the counter and the lady/man working it will ask if they could help you and then say something like ';Oh, I would like to get the ...'; and then they most likely will give you samples i went to a clinique counter at macy's in the summer and wanted to buy this eyeshadow set and the lady helped me find a better set and helped me since thats their job is to help you
Haha I know, i was like that my first time going to a counter.

basically, just go up to it and wait for someone to come and help you. Just tell them what you need if you know already. Dont be afraid to ask any questions about the product or how to apply it, its their job to answer them after all. Once youre done telling them what you need, theyll pick out the products and youll buy them at the counter.

haha its not as scary as it seems, they wont bite ;D
The only thing I remember when going into Sephora was that the employees hunt you down like hawks! They won't stop asking you questions, and staring at you!

My best advice is to satisfy them by asking them where to look for (whatever), because you won't feel too comfortable when the employees sneak up on you when looking at a product you like.

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