Saturday, December 5, 2009

How many people go to the makeup counter?

How many of you guys go to a makeup counter only to have the girls or guy work there ignore you. That is one of my biggest pet peeves. When they think they are all that..when in fact..they're NOT. many people go to the makeup counter?
I know what you mean....

I hate makeup counters, the people are so damn rude, and I've only had bad experiences with them....for some reason MAC is the worst, and Clinique, everytime I have gone to shop for makeup I never got helped, and if I did the colors they chose for me were horrible, (some idiot at MAC chose Red bright crimson eyeshadow for me)

I stick to drugstore, I walk in and can explore for hours and not be bothered, and you can still return items at the drugstore as well if there is an issue with the product..and I achieved an awesome makeup look all from drugstore makeup...anywho I'm the sales people should be nice and help you out, its thier job........How many people go to the makeup counter?
Yeah, I hate that! And when I don't need their help they are all over me and follow me around. Usually MAC has good customer service, but there were a few times certain employees had their nose stuck in the air and did not want to help me. I don't like that...if I don't like their attitude and I know they work off commission or they have to make a quota I don't buy it from that person. I make sure someone else with a good attitude and is willing to help me gets the sales.
I mean I get good service most of the time, but I know a lot of the people at the counters because they will help do the Floorsets at my store (my manager used to work at the counters).
That's today's customer service! Has nothing to do with you, just that many employees are not trained in good customer relations. If they were on commission, it would be a totally different story. There just isn't an incentive for many employees to go above and beyond working behind the counter. That is why alot of companies, like Macy's, are now sending out surveys. I get alot of good service there, and when I did get a survey, I gave all excellent marks. So yeah, I will continue to shop there. If you don't like some where, go where you will enjoy your experience.

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