Friday, December 11, 2009

What are your experiences at makeup counters?

I went to the clinique counter at my mall today. The artist did a bunch of things that I know are not correct, such as RUBBING concealer under my eyes. Are these people just payed 8.00 an hour, or are they actual cosmetitians (haha, I don't know what the word is!)What are your experiences at makeup counters?
Not all makeup counters have trained makeup artists. Sometimes they are not even interested in makeup. To Many people a job is a job, companies just want staff so sometimes they hire people that want jobs, instead of people who want jobs in makup.

In general I have had good experience with makeup sales staff. A good way to 'test them out' is to ask a question that you already know the answer to. Also the good ones are honest and will not judge you. Be careful when asking for opinions. Also when it comes to recommendations if the sales assistant says you would look great with the latest shade of lemon yellow eye shadow and you don't actually like it don't buy it!!!!

Had great service from Clinique, Estee Lauder, MAC, and the occasional drug store surprise.What are your experiences at makeup counters?
What?! rubbing? no way.. as far as i know the makeup representatives are not from cosmeticians and they do not hold any certificate in cosmetics nor has knowledge about cosmetics.

I also has found this kind of experience. However, it's obvious when u see their face wear makeup.
i suppose it depends on the company. i know at the MAC store, part of the interview process involves a makeup application demo. basically they won't hire someone who doesnt know what they're doing.
lol yeahh that sounds pretty wrong to me to LOL

=]=] ( but sometimes i sneak a bit of concealer uder my eyes cause i have dark circles/rings under themm
Yeah, like Chanel rocks. And, like Dior, too. It's like really good.
like i go to the chanel counter and like they apply it right

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