Thursday, December 3, 2009

If i go to a makeup counter like for mac, will they do makeup on me if i have acne?

i want help finding a foundation that matches my skin color which is really light, but i do have some acne. would they deny me service? i dont want them to be making faces at me or stuff like that? what should i do, where can i go for help with makeup that wont judge me because of my skin condition?If i go to a makeup counter like for mac, will they do makeup on me if i have acne?
They won't deny you. They clean and sanitize their brushes after every use and they legally cant not accept youIf i go to a makeup counter like for mac, will they do makeup on me if i have acne?
I have pretty bad acne and I've never had anybody refuse me at makeup counters. I have had a lot of advice on skin care products, some of which I've taken. I recommend Shiseido; good makeup and great skin care products.

I've found that the ladies behind the makeup counters tend to fall in two groups: they either wish they were models or wish they were doctors. If you get a would-be model, she may have a bit of an attitude. In that case, walk away and go somewhere else. The would-be doctors will probably be very good to you. Just don't feel you need to buy whatever skin care products they recommend. It's a good idea to say you'll think about it and come back later if you decide to buy them.
Actually...the good people will tell you the truth. I went to get makeup done on me at sephora and they actually said that they were scared to put makeup on me since it will not allow my skin to breathe thus breaking me out even more. They said it would be best to sacrifice and treat it until it calms down. The bad ones will just put it on you and let you have clogged pores. But if you want to break out my guest. I say...sacrifice beauty for a while and treat your acne. But if you must...then make sure you put on primer to act as a shield against the makeup. They cant deny you the service, but they may suggest you dont put on makeup. I say...take their advice. They've had the experience.They are trying to help you. But if you want them to do it...say you are taking the risk. I went and they just advised me not to put any on or buy it since my face should be able to breathe since the main priority should be to treat the acne. I admit I was not happy to hear that I would have to sacrifice looks for a while. and I had severe cystic acne I wnated to cover up.
they wont deny you service and if they do ... thats not right at all

theyre use to working with all skin types, from flawless to full of acne

any makeup artist should judge you

maybe even ask for tips for acne relief?

theyd probably know some good products to recommend for you
Yes they will. You're a costumer, and a potential sale. They won't do that to you. If they do, tell a manager.
why would they? they're not going to deny someone service because they have wrinkles, so why would they if you have acne.

No they will not deny your service...

try it, itwill make you feel more comfortable with yourself
im sure they would just day you were wondering what kind of makeup would look best on me..i could probably help you if i knew a little about your looks....
Sure, your a customer. That is all they care about. =]

Just go and have your make up done.
yes they will

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