Friday, December 11, 2009

Which makeup department counter do you recommend for...?

a Foundation/powder for oily skin and to cover blemishes that WON'T make me breakout?

Oh btw, if I have to buy foundation does that include that I also have to buy the face powder? and (vice versa.)

thanks.Which makeup department counter do you recommend for...?
clinique counters have a variety of skin products. they have an anti-acne foundation, regular foundation, etc. and you don't have to purchase them as a set. you can buy one, try it out, and go back for the other if you like it! the prices aren't outrageous eitherWhich makeup department counter do you recommend for...?
Powder foundation and powder are two different things. Powder foundation is best for people with oily skin since it absorbs excess oil and prevents shine, and it is meant to be worn all over for coverage. You do not need to apply any other powder over it to finish it. Finishing powder is meant to apply over liquid foundation to absorb excess oil and to set your foundation so it stays in place, but it doesn't usually provide coverage the way foundation does. Bottom line: if you have oily skin, use powder foundation only. Powder over that is optional but it can make your skin look funny.

Use a mineral foundation. I really like L'oreal Bare Minerals powder foundation, blush, concealer, bronzing powder and finishing shimmer powder (not a powder but a sheer shimmer that brightens your skin). It's great, inexpensive and the best I have ever tried. Glo Minerals is also great, and they make a great pressed and loose powder base foundation and oil absorbing powder, if you're able to spend more money.
sorry i dont rally understand what you're asking but heres my make up advise for you....

if u want cheap try going to to target they have plenty of products from different companie like maybelle nyc etc....

otherwise just take a search for the products you need, but normally you should ask your doctor what they recomend for your oily skin, because each skin has its own problems, i did that same thing.. though a different product and it worked great...

god luck, hope i helped you enough!
Maybe you should try Artistry time defiance. They have skin care system from normal to dry, Combination to oily, Derma erase etc... if you would like to try this brand the address is I hope this helps.
I have really sensitive skin that breaks out a lot, and the only thing I can use is Lancome. Clinique broke me out SO BAD that it took months to repair the damage it did to my face.
clinique.....they have a powder foundation thats nice so you only need one product and have a good skin care line...

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